Eco Tan Winter Skin


Brand Eco Tan

Winter Skin is a daily moisturiser that dries instantly and builds to a beautiful honey tan after a couple of applications.

This gradual, 300ml tanner is perfect for fair skinned complexions or when you have your sweet white winter tan on.

Every ingredient is organic or natural ensuring no synthetic ingredients get into you blood stream. Winter Skin is certified organic by the Organic Food Chain, vegan and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.


Simply apply it to clean dry skin and your beautiful rich honey tan will begin to emerge. Apply it daily to build a gorgeous sun kissed tan! Now in a squeeze bottle.

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Scrub away that tired old skin with the Eco Tan Exfoliant before applying your first lot of Winter Skin. Your tan will go on smoother and you won't have horrible dark patches. Layer it over a few days to control the deepness of your tan.