Great question! Purchasing your personal items and the decisions behind those choices comes down to your personal preference and how conscious you wish to be when doing so. 
Whether it's because you worry about what is going onto your skin and into your bloodstream, or whether you just don't want to support companies who hurt our furry friends. We have gathered some information so you can equip yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions.

We here at SLCF personally chose to purchase only cruelty-free products because we are avid animal lovers and hate the idea that some poor animal had to suffer for the sake of our lippy. It's an unnecessary practice and we believe it needs to stop. There are many other ways in which to test products' pH level, irritant level etc; just look at the beautiful array of brands we stock. They all do it and are leading the way toward the future. When you choose to purchase cruelty-free products you are using your power, your decision, and your money to say "No" to animal testing and help stop the torture these beings endure for our sake.
We hope that your cruelty-free decisions which may start here will flow into all aspects of your lifestyle. Starting with peaceful beauty.

If you are vegan in the sense of what you eat, then you are most probably very conscious about veganism in all aspects of your life, including cosmetic and beauty products.
For those who are unaware, vegan products include no animal products, by-products, extracts or derivatives, such as beeswax, pollen, honey, lanolin, carmine etc.  
We have a range of brands that are 100% vegan and the majority of our products are vegan (even if the brand is not specifically vegan), just have a squizz through the ingredients list of each product.

Natural products are exactly that, natural. They are ingredients that naturally occur in our environment and have no artificial additives and have minimal processing.
These natural ingredients can include animal extracts, derivatives, and by-products such as beeswax, lanolin and carmine. The difference between natural and organic products is the organic certification label.
'Organic' labelling should be certified by an accredited source for it to be valid.
Organic certification ensures that the product meets the standards under the certifying body.
The product must contain a high percentage of organically produced and processed ingredients.
Organic means that the product has no artificial, synthetic or chemical ingredients. Products which include plant based ingredients use no fertiliser, pesticides or chemicals!
No modified organisms. So in a nut shell, the products are super clean and organic with no nasty chemicals.