Summer Favourites

It's that time of year again for our favourite Summer beauty products.

We all have that shelf or cupboard, or perhaps even two cupboards piled high with beauty products that seem to only come out during the warmer weather. Some stuff you can't even see because it's hidden behind a multitude of other dodgy looking bottles from last year. 

We say it's time for a re-vamp! Free yourself and those cupboards from outdated sunscreens and dried up body scrubs and take a peek at the cruelty-free goodies that take a front seat on our bathroom shelves during Summer.

Water is always a good thing.

Hydration is key, not only for your insides but for the surfaces that are in constant exposure to the sun. Your skin, especially the skin on your beautiful face.

To combat the effects of dryness, that tight feeling, or just hot and irritated skin, we love Native Rituals Hydrating Makeup Fix, made right here in Aotearoa from all natural and organic ingredients. It's a newbie to the SLCF shelves but it's also a bloody goodie. The best part, it's a 2-in-1 product, so we're saving some money here kids. 

Spritz before applying makeup to help with the longevity throughout the day and use as a refreshing toner whenever and wherever. Like we said, water is a good thing, especially when infused with ylang-ylang, rose hydrosol and chamomile to calm sensitive skin.

Our Tip

If you're heading to the gym throw this guy in your bag, a little spritz after a workout goes a long way.

'Bada bing, bada balm'

Get your hands on some HURRAW! These 100% Vegan lip balms will be your lips best friend. Made with cold pressed oils and in so many different flavours, the hardest part is deciding which ones you want.

Hurraw Night Treatment Moon Balm

Our Summer pick is the Moon Balm. A night treatment to soothe and hydrate while you sleep. With blue chamomile to heal and calm dry or sunburnt lips and vanilla for that little hint of sweet. 

Oils are our friends.

There's a lot of hesitation about buying oils for your skin, we are here to tell ya, not to be scared.

Whether you have oily skin (yes that sounds like a no-go zone but trust us, it's not), dry skin, sensitive or just good old normal skin, there is an oil out there with your name on it.

A couple of our picks that are perfect in Summer are as follows;

Coconut oil, everyone and their dog, cat, sister, and brother are using this stuff and for great reasons. It's anti-bacterial, moisturising, soothing and of course, 100% natural. We love using this at the end of the day as an all over body oil, including the face. It tastes great by the way. 

Botanical oils. There are a couple that rest proudly on our bathroom shelf.

The Mayrse Bio-Nutrient Face Oil, perfect for Summer as it helps repair the skin after too many hours in the sun. This range is pretty awesome as they are plant-based, which makes them nutrient rich and really beneficial for your skin. 

Sukin Glowing Complexion Oils Kit

Sukin / We Love Oils Glowing Complexion Kit. This little duo is helpful for the body and face with a Bio-natural skin oil and a facial oil, packed with essential fatty acids and minerals to heal dry, sun damaged skin and keep you hydrated and feeling silky smooth.

Prep is key.

Just like scrubbing your house from top to bottom, your skin needs the same kind of love.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and we think it gets a little less attention than it deserves. You make sure your bathroom is free from scum and dirt and dust and all those yummy bits right? Why not treat your skin the same?

What better way to free it from the daily dose of nasties and old dry skin than a good old scrub? Our honest to cats favourite coffee body scrub is one we were lovingly gifted from the good sorts over at Can't Live Without. 

Can't Live Without Coffee Scrub

Image Courtsey / Can't Live Without.

We love the Ethiopian Blend, it has the perfect balance of scrub to moisture and works a treat. Plus, it contains some of our favourite oils like cold-pressed coconut and sweet almond which leaves a luxuriously smooth finish to your skin. 

It's also perfect prep for our next Summer favourite.

Orange-less tan, no way?

Yes, way. Moroccan Tan products tick this box! (Waves arms high and pumps the air). 

No need to stress pet, the range of sprays, mousses and lotions we stock at SLCF contain violet and green based pigments, this creates a golden or deep bronze tan without making you look like a carrot.

Our favourite, the Exotic Mousse, is infused with argan and rosehip oils to nourish and hydrate for a super long-lasting tan, plus, it's quick-drying, contains advanced colour blending properties and unique Derma Lock Properties, which you can read more about right here.

If you prefer lotions or sprays, we have some pretty awesome sets which you can find here.

Our Tip

Apply with an application mitt. These tanning products are really pigmented, tanned palms, not so much fun. Check out our pal Hazel, she even wrote a blog about her experience. 

Last but definitely not least. 

This product was discovered on a trip to Fiji about 6 years ago and ever since it's been a Summer favourite for sure. The Pure Fiji Pineapple Body Lotion

It's a treat for your skin. Super hydrating, even though it's a lotion and not a body butter, it works great in Summer as it's not super thick so you won't go around sweating it off. The best part, it's cruelty-free and smells like sweet, sweet pineapples.

If you think you might like to clean out your collection and add some newness to your shelves, use our code SUMMER15 to grab 15% off our Summer favourites above at She Lives Cruelty-Free. Offer ends 11/02/16.

Much love,


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