Australis Velourlips & Cream Contour Kit Swatches


If you love checking out new makeup products and reading reviews, then this post is for you. The new Australis Velourlips shades and the Cream Contour Kit are well worth a look into.


For those that don't dabble in the matte, liquid lipstick trend, then now would be a good pace to start. These lipsticks like we have mentioned before are easy to apply, go on smooth and have really great colour pay off. Check out our previous swatch blog here.

There are 5 new shades, (top to bottom) LOS-ANGEL-ES, an opaque baby pink, MEL-BURN, an opaque black, BAE-JING, a muted, pink-toned lavender, SAN-FRAN-DISCO, a vibrant orange and MUM-BAI, a deep plum shade with brown undertones.

They come with a doe foot applicator (spongy-tipped wand) and have the same sweet and fruity scent.

A cool tip, use a fine eyeliner brush and create a really vibrant winged liner for something a little different. These take a minute or so to dry so be careful not to smudge it! 

Moving right along to the new Cream Contour Kit. These swatched really beautifully, were creamy and smooth and didn't drag on the skin, which is ideal when blending under the eyes and around sensitive areas. 

There are 6 different colours in this kit and it comes in the shade light, which I think would be suited to fair to medium skin tones. 

A yellow or banana shade, perfect for covering blue or purple tones under the eyes or small veins. 

The second colour is a light peach/nude shade. Ideal for brightening around the under eye area. 

The third shade has a pink or salmon tint to it. This is also ideal for correcting dark under eye circles. 

Next is a more yellow-based nude shade. Ideal to use as a blending shade and to mix with the highlight and contour colours.

The 5th shade is a darker version of the 4th and can be used around the hairline, cheeks and around the jaw line to add depth.

The final shade is obviously the darkest and is used to contour. Cheek bones, temples, under the chin and along the nose if that's something you like doing.

Of course, use this kit however you please, there's no rules when it comes to applying makeup, do what suits you and you only!

All of these Velourlips shades are vegan, as well as the contour kit and of course cruelty free. Good on ya Australis!


November 26, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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