Moroccan Tan - Review & Giveaway

Over the past few weeks, I have added a new tanning product into my weekly skincare routine, something that's very fitting for the warmer weather that's to come. I'm not usually a tan wearer, in fact, I hadn't really used tan all year, so this was a nice addition. 

Moroccan Tan, referred by my miss Victoria, is a luxurious range of tanning products that come in lotion, mousse and spray formulas. They contain an array of natural oils, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, ideal for maintaining the colour of your tan. 

What drew me to these tans first was of course the fact they are cruelty free, but that they have two different colour bases, green and violet, which of course means no orange tones. I know a lot of you struggle to find a tan that doesn't leave you looking super orange, so these sure tick the box.

Personally, I like using a mousse formula, which is the product I reviewed. I like how easy they are to apply and blend in and it's nice and light to work with. 

I tried both the Instant Tanning Mousse and the Instant Exotic Mousse. The difference being that the Exotic Mousse has a violet base and provides a deeper tan, whilst the Original formula has a green base, still providing a beautiful golden tan.

I highly recommend applying your choice of tan with an application mitt, as these tans produce such pigmented colour, you'll save yourself a lot of hand washing!

I used one and a half pumps for each thigh and one pump for below the knee, blending the product into my feet, and knees sparingly. This amount left me with a natural looking colour. Not too dark and not too light.

Applying two or more pumps to the thighs and one and a half to the lower half would give a deep bronze shade.

This tan has staying power! It lasts really nicely for about 4 days, only then did I notice it was beginning to fade. This is where the tan extender comes in handy. You can use it every day to pro-long the colour even more, or once you notice any colour fade.

I used the Exotic Mousse for these photos, with just one coat. The product dries really quickly, it' not sticky and doesn't have a really strong tan scent to it. 

So, of course I couldn't do a highly rated product review without a giveaway! If you think you might like to try a Moroccan tan Exotic Mousse for yourself, then head on over to our Facebook page to enter!

Or, if you want to check out the Moroccan Tan range, head over here, there's some pretty sweet gift set just in time for Christmas. 

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November 05, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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Amy-Lee said:

Ok. That result is amazing. Nice and dark without being orange!

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