Halloween tips and makeup picks

Are you getting spooky this year?

I can't believe it's been a whole year since our last Halloween blog. If you're into DIY nail art, check it out here. 

DIY Halloween nail art

This year, it's all about making the most out of the makeup you may already have in your collection and using it to create something spooky, magical or down right nasty.

You don't have to venture too far from your makeup bag to create a brilliant masterpiece, so take note of these tips and maybe you'll come up with something awesome this Halloween.

Black cream eyeliner

This product can come in handy for so many things. As a base for a dark, smokey eye, always key when creating something dark and evil. Use a fine tip paint brush for creating cracks along your face, perfect for that broken doll look. Add a little water to create lighter and thinner lines.

Bright eyeshadows

Have an old eyeshadow palette that you never use? Those ones filled with bright blues, purples and greens? Bust that baby out because it will come in super handy.
Blues and purples make for great fake bruises. Combine with a little green shadow and blend out with a soft brush. Adding the black cream shadow ever so lightly creates depth too.
A green shadow blended and dusted in the contours of your face can create witchy looking skin. Add to the hollows of your cheeks, sides of your nose, temples, under your eyes and neck.

Fake blood

Step away from your makeup for a second and head to the pantry. All you need is corn syrup, corn starch and some vegan red food colouring.
A sticky, thick mix can create the look of older blood and wounds, add a little black cream shadow again to make it seem like it's been there for a while. The thinner and brighter the blood, the fresher the wound will look. Add a little more water to create a thinner consistency. 


Any type or colour glitter will do, create a frosted winter look using silver glitter added to the higher points of your face.
Use black glitter to create a reptillian type look. Use fishnet stockings and the cream black eyeliner to help adhere to the skin. Dust over some green and blue eyeshades and you'll have a metallic reptile effect. 

Bright Lipsticks

Any bright lippie can come in handy. Red can be used to draw on clown features, a large mouth or a red nose. Pink can be used to help create round dolly cheeks. Black and purple can work well with creating bruising and old looking skin. You could even go a little wild and create a rainbow face with all of your lipsticks. Why not?

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Get creative kitties,


October 08, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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