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There are so many apps these days to help make everyday living that little bit easier. Apps for training, apps to help keep you on track with eating, some that help you decide what to wear and some that take note of that time of the month. (That one's awesome if you ask me.)

When it comes to shopping and apps, there is a huge variety out there. I personally like the apps that help you make a conscious decision when purchasing your food and everyday needs. This week's blog is all about the apps I find helpful when making decisions based around sustainability, eco-friendly living and animal testing. 

The best part about my list, these apps are all FREE. So there are no downsides to trying  them out, it can only help your decisions around where you shop, better! 

Most of these are available for iPhone and Android too. 

I have compiled a range of apps to amp up sustainable and cruelty-free living in your life. These range from helping you choose a place to eat that supports the same ethical values as you do, something to tell you what you're buying is actually okay for you, apps that explain ingredients and some that tell you what you are buying is cruelty-free or not. Check out the list below, you never know, you might find a new favourite.

Conscious Consumers

Conscious Consumers explain themselves as an app where can find and support local businesses doing good stuff. Which sounds pretty cool to me.

The basic idea is that it helps you find what you looking for; a cafe that's vegan/vegetarian, a store that recycles, or a dessert bar that's fair-trade, conscious consumers can help. 

They have compiled a range of businesses that meet 12 ethical, business practice standards, so when you are searching your particular area, these businesses will pop up on your map. Allowing you to see what your options are for your particular need.

What's even cooler, you can check-in at your chosen destination by scanning at the destination or by using your location and you can earn credit whilst doing so. You can also search for daily specials near you, the more credits you earn, the more cool stuff you receive.

I think this is such an awesome way to support local businesses that are making a difference. Each business will have an impact section to show how their company is doing their part. Pretty rad! I highly rate this app. If you love to dine out, this one's awesome. 

Think Dirty

Team Think Dirty take their pledge to safe cosmetics seriously. You can scan an item you want to know more about and if the item is in their database, a list of ingredients for that product will appear with a rating for how safe it is for you to use.

Their app is dedicated to recommending products to their users that are guided by accurate information, health and safety, for you and the environment and supporting important causes.

For example, I find a product at the local supermarket that I think sounds great but I am wanting to know more about the listed ingredients. I can open the app, scan the barcode or enter it in manually and if the product is in the database, they will bring up what they call a 'Dirty Meter'.

They will provide a range from 1 to 10 based on the ingredients and whether those ingredients are clean, half 'n' half or dirty. 

If the product is not in the system yet, you can add it by uploading you own image and proving a little information.

This app is pretty awesome for those that maybe introducing themselves to a cleaner lifestyle, watching what brands they use or what they put onto their skin.

Cruelty-Free shopping apps

I have tried out a bunch of various cruelty-free apps, they all have one thing in common, providing you with information around what brands are cruelty-free (tested on animals).

Any of the below apps will help you do just that. Some include symbols to show what each brand or product represent. An example could be whether or not they are vegan as well as being cruelty-free, sourced or made in New Zealand, whether or not their parent company tests on animals or if the brand or product contains animal products. This can be really handy for those wanting a really specific item.

Shows symbols, redirects you to a products website, easy to use.

Cruelty Free
No symbols, have a list of companies and products, have website links and brand descriptions.

Shows symbols, redirects you to a products website, simple.

Bunny Free
Option to browse and select different search options, companies that test or don't test, vegan, PETA partners etc. Detailed information about the company.

Lastly, Buycott

Buycott defines their app as a way to find causes you care about and support them by voting with your wallet. 

Their campaigns are all created by the people, me and you. You can search for campaigns that resonate with you, this may be ending animal testing, GMO labelling or boycotting a particular company. 
The cool thing is that when you go to buy a product, you can scan it using the Boycott app to see how it stands with the causes you support. This gives you the control to whether or not you still want to buy it, power to the people!

A blue barcode means you are supporting the corresponding company, a red barcode mean's you are avoiding it.

I think this app is pretty cool, you can see what other campaigns are trending and what you can do to help support them.

If you have any other apps you think may help the cause, let me know below in the comments.

Much love, H x

September 17, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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