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We love adding new products to the SLCF family. Before we do though, we like to give everything a good test. Swatches, using them for a day or two and of course, seeing what you guys think. 

We have been playing around with a handful of new items from Australis over the past week or so and thought it would be a good idea to see what you all think, what's the point of stocking something that gets the thumbs down from the majority?

You guys helped us with our Metallix Blog and loved them, so I'm sure you'll love what we have to show today. We sure do.

We are trying 5 different products that are all makeup basics, nothing that will blow the budget either, that's the great thing about Australis, they make really lovely quality things for such a reasonable price. 

First of all the new Cya Later Pores Spot Primer. What is it? A spot primer that creates a flawless base and smooth complexion whilst minimising the appearance of pores and other imperfections. A non-greasy and moisturising primer. 
It contains Vitamin E to moisturise, silicone to control oily skin and pores and almond oil to promote healthy skin.

Our Thoughts / This has such a smooth, silky finish, your skin feels super sleek after application. It creates a really nice base for any makeup you apply and smoothed out pores around the nose area too. Win. It goes a really long way as well, so this will definitely last you a while.

Next are the Lip Liners/ Lip Pencils, which are a best seller so we had to add those to the testing pile. We have two really popular shades, Nudie Rudie and Tickled Pink. These contain vitamin E and C and claim to be soft, easy glide lip pencils for simple precise application. A long-lasting, smudge-free and anti-feathering pencil.

Our Thoughts / They are indeed really soft, they don't drag and are long lasting. The colours are perfect for anyone looking for a couple of shades to start their kit. One of course is a classic beige nude, it's not too light that you'll look like you are wearing concealer as liner and the other a mauve, rose pink which is a gorgeous shade.

Third on the list is a classic Brow Pencil. You just can't go wrong with this staple. This eyebrow pencil is a must have in any makeup bag. 

Our Thoughts / It's such a handy makeup item to have as it has the brush attached to the lid so you can brush the hairs into place and then use the pencil to fill in or define. The formula is really smooth and you only need a light hand when applying the product. This comes in 4 different shades so there's bound to be one to match you.

Last but not least is the Tint My Brow, Brow Tint. We have the shade blonde which is perfect for those with really light brow shades. It's said to be a lightweight formula that doesn’t look overdone, while enabling you to tint, define and control with an easy-to-use brush applicator.

Our Thoughts / Definitely easy to use and definitely tints and defines. The product adds just the right amount of colour whilst securing them in place. A 2 in 1 which is awesome. The perfect size for your on-the-go makeup bag too! 

Overall / We couldn't fault these products. They do what they say, they are affordable, they are all cruelty free and vegan aside from the Dark Brown Brow Pencil. 

So, the next step is to tell us what you think. Leave us a comment below with which products you would purchase and like to see in the SLCF store and you could win a $25 SLCF voucher!

Keep an eye out for the new items we choose in store very soon..

Much love,

H x

August 13, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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Courtney Chalmers

Courtney Chalmers said:

I would like to try the lip pencil. I do not currently own a lip pencil but I really need one to go with the rest of my cruelty free makeup kit!


Amber said:

I would be very keen to try both the brow products – as i like to use a more natural looking brow product during the day for work & a heavier style for night time outtings. Would also be really intested in trying out the primer..always on the lookout for a good afforable one and i havent yet found one! x

Alysha Nichol

Alysha Nichol said:

I’d love to see more the balm and maybe even some other products like pixi, rouge bunny rouge or maybe even some too faced or tarte? <3 i love all my jeffree star lipsticks so bad!


Laura said:

I would love to try their Cya Later Pores and Brow Pencil. I reckon these would be the ones I would purchase. I tried their normal primer a while ago and found it’ didnt do much but from your review of the Cya Later Pores it sounds like this one is promising!


Rebekah said:

I would love to see you guys stock the brow pencils as I already have one and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!


Shannon said:

I think I’d most like to try the primer – I’m yet to come across a primer that moisturizes my oily skin but at the same time hides the fact I have oily skin! ;-P as for products I’d like to see in the store… Too Faced ;-) although I’m not sure if all of their products all cruelty free. But a girl can dream!


Hayley said:

They all sound really good, I am definitely going to purchase the brow pencil, lip liner and spot primer!!


Amy said:

I’ve been using that brow pencil for YEARS and I’ve never found one better :) X


Amy said:

Oh and one more thing…

If you had Australis lip liners to match the velour colours you stock, that would be so good! I have a couple of the colours but haven’t really worn them yet because they’re quite unique so it’s hard to find matching liner :(


Monique said:

I would definitely purchase the lip liners because they are super soft!


Natalie said:

The primer- you had me at “smoothed out pores around the nose area”. I need this! I’ve been on the lookout for some new lip pencils too, and I like these shades (all about versatility). I’d love to see a wider range of The Balm products on the site too :)


Celine said:

I would love that pinky coloured lip pencil! Looks like such an amazing everyday colour and would work with like 75% of my lipsticks haha


Therese said:

I would love to try these products! I used Australis as a teenager, and great to see that they are cruelty-free and totally affordable.

Keep up the good work : D


kylie said:

I currently own of the lip liners and they are awesome, I’d highly recommend them & would love you guys to stock them!


Simone said:

Brow pencil and tint! Mine are running out. X


Libby said:

All the brow products look really good, australis has never let me down product wise and also, its so good that its such an affordable cruelty free range! x


Jess said:

I use a lot of australis products in my current routine; the tint my brow, brow tint it’s one of my fav’s! I would totally be excited if I could purchase the lip liners here at SLCF as I am yet to try them – and ’cause the colours look gorgeous!


Catherine said:

I’m on the hunt for some good lipliners, so I’d be interested in both of those. The brow tint I’d be totally game to try if it came in a darker colour. I’m also game for trying the brow pencil and primer.


Rebekah said:

I would love to see you guys stock the eye brow pencils as I already use one and I love it!! Also I would loooove to try out the lip pencils as I’ve never used them before and they look lovely!!

Kate craven

Kate craven said:

I love Australis lip liners!! Their nude one in particular is my go to – you should definitely get these in :) xo

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