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I am a firm believer in 'me' time. Whatever that may be. Taking time out to read a book, having a bath or going for a run, taking some time out of your day to do something to reconnect with 'you' is a key part of staying mentally, physically and emotionally grounded and happy.

This week I did just that. I spent one blissful hour with Romy at REDOX beauty. Redox specialises in holistic, natural beauty and wellbeing, including eye lash tinting, brow rehab, tailored nutrition plans and bespoke facials, which is exactly what I was treated to.

Romy is lovely, with a wealth of knowledge to boot. She began Redox (pronounced Ree-dox - "the action by which an antioxidant protects your skin and body from free radical damage") after completing a two year diploma in clinical nutrition as well as taking to the art of blending oils to create a boutique range of skincare products, The Beauty Elixir, which she sells out of her sweet little workspace 'The Villa' in Herne Bay.

If you love the idea of having a facial customised to suit your skin needs, then this is the place to visit.

Romy chose products to suit my specific needs for the 60 minute Bespoke Wellness Facial. I have sensitive/dry skin that's easily irritated. So over the next hour my skin was pampered with a variety of natural goodies including one of our favourites, Tailor Skincare. 

One of my favourite parts of the facial was the Spirunlia and Pink clay mask, superfood for the skin. I love that Romy goes back to basics with her treatments. Using ingredients the way nature intended, their natural state. Herbs, oils and vitamin packed elixirs that really nourish and love your skin.

Of course Romy uses a combination of massage techniques, warm towel's, face mists and oils to create a beautiful, tailored facial.

If you do want to grab something to take with you, she sells some of the products there, I highly recommend The Beauty Elixir goodies, divine. 

My skin felt and still feels uber soft, hydrated and a lot less red. To top it all off, she even arms you with a hot take away herbal tea so you can brave the cold outdoors, warm drink in tow. Peppermint hit the spot for me.

I left feeling relaxed and refreshed, something I'm sure a lot of us don't often get the chance to feel. The next day whilst photographing an event I even had two comments on how glowing and fresh my skin looked. 

So thank you Romy for your wonderful hour of pampering, I highly recommend taking a leaf from Romy's book.

''We need to remember to value ourselves enough to take time out of our busy schedules and get things like facials, rather than putting everyone else first (which we do as women instinctively)''

If you want to check out Redox, you can head on over here.

Much love,


July 30, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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