Winter To-Do's

Last week we showed you our Winter Favourites, including skincare, makeup and goodies in general.

This week, we wanted to share with you our picks for Winter to-do's, things we cherish on a cold Winter's weekend or ideas to try out when the weather aint so flash out.

Now, just because it's the middle of Winter here in New Zealand, it doesn't mean that you folk enjoying the heat of Summer, cannot enjoy them on a warm sunny afternoon too.

So, here's to getting out and making the most of the indoors and the outdoors this Winter.

1. Tea, tea and more tea.
I (Haley) love tea. I'm not a coffee drinker and never have been so tea for me is everything, especially in Winter.

I have a little bit of a collection at home and at the office, liquorice root, alpine, chai, peppermint, green, lemon & ginger and the list goes on and on. There's nothing more warming than sipping on a tea when the weather turns bitter, so here's a great little tea recipe that can be made at home with a handful of simple ingredients you are likely to already have in your fridge or garden.

Fresh Mint Tea
Fresh Mint leaves
Boiling water

This one is so good as it only has two ingredients. Plus, this humble little leaf contains menthol, a natural decongestant that aids in breaking up phlegm and mucus that come hand in hand with those nasty colds at this time of year.
So, Tear up half a palmful of your fresh mint into small pieces so they become fragrant once you add them to your water.

Pour boiling water into your mug and add in the leaves. Steep for around 5-7 minutes, strain or you can leave them in if you wish.

Add in some fresh lemon or orange slices for a little citrus.

2. Sunrise Or Dusk Walks
I really love that feeling of walking in icy morning or evening air when the sky is beautiful and clear. On my own or with a pal, it's so good getting out for a walk to check in with myself or clear my head at the end of the day.

There's a certain smell of freshness which you can't quite beat, plus it makes me feel really refreshed. It's a bonus when there is a pink or purple sunrise or sunset.
Be sure to have your phone handy as sometimes you can capture the best sunrise.

3. Face Masques
Now this one has got to be on your list too. Am I right? A face masque is like the ultimate Winter night in/treat yourself thing to have on hand. 
I have a bunch of goodies in the masque department, masques for all occasions if you will. One for times when my skin is dry and flaky, one for the dreaded shark week break outs, some for a good old mineral boost, mud, clay, you name it, but I have a couple of solid favourites that Ill list below so you can try em' too.

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask > A soothing banana/oat mask for dry skin that needs calming and extra moisture. I love this stuff, you keep it in the fridge so it stays fresh and it feels amazing on dry, hot skin.

Breakout Prone/All Rounder
Tailor Masque > This has become a bit of a cult favourite among New Zealanders. I discovered this a couple of years ago and continue to use it in conjunction with my other masques. It's like a face detox, helping to un-clog pores and fight those bad little blemishes and of course, we stock this baby right here at SLCF.

4. Cooking Up A Storm
There's nothing more comforting than the smell of home cooking or baking. I cook dinner at home 6 out of the 7 nights which I love to do. Something else I do on the regular is have weekend cooking marathons, literally. I spend almost a half or even a full day cooking and baking. What else is there to do when it's pouring with rain and your hungry? Make food I say.
Ill go wild with my cooking creativity and come up with new goodies to try or old favourites with a twist, using new and unique ingredients is a really clever way to switch up the boring regulars for something a little more enticing.

Some of my favourite places to shop in Auckland are Huckleberry Farms/Harvest Wholefoods, IE Produce and any Farmers Markets for fresh, locally gown ingredients. You'll have plenty of extras for your pals that stop by on the weekends.

5. Movie/Doco Marathon
This is definitely a great idea for the yuckiest days of them all. Those days you want to punch in the face and close the curtains on. 
Compile a list of your 5 or so top movies and documentaries, bunker down with duvet, pillows, candles and snacks and have a good old fashioned day/night in. 

Some of my Top Picks for a jolly good Movie Marathon
Any doco featuring Louis Theroux, he is brilliant and will keep you interested, trust me.
SNACKS. Popcorn, home made corn chips, guacamole, sweets treats.. the list goes on.
Soda water and fresh lemon, a fizzy refresher without the sugar to combat the dries after all of the snacking.
Loads of mattresses, pillows, blankets and cuddly things so you and your peeps are comfy.
Candles, these just set the mood I feel. Scented candles are even better. I love my soy PF Candle Co. Fig and Sandlewood candle.

6. Sleep/Me Time.
Both Sam and I love a good snooze. As most of you probably would agree, sleepless nights can make you feel a little worse for wear on a cold Monday morning. The next wet Sunday morning, sleep in. What do you need to get up for? Unless you have children to care for or work that is. Resist the urge to get up and 'get things done'. Sleep in and let yourself relax. We love lighting candles and incense and taking that bit of extra time to chill before the working week begins.

Tell us your favourite ways to relax or make the most out of the Winter months, we would love to try out some new ideas!

Much love,

H + S

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