This week Sam and I have compiled a bunch of our Winter favourites ranging from skincare, makeup tools and bits and pieces we have been loving over the past month. 

Some of these goodies you'll find at SLCF but there are a couple you won't, we will have them linked below so you can go and check them out for yourselves!

So, let's get into it..

1. Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

I have been using this stuff about once a week for the past couple of months and am loving it. A great all round multi purpose scrub that smells fresh and leaves you with really moisturised skin from the coconut oil.
100% natural with no hidden nasties either. Give this one a go if you have extra dry skin during the colder months, you'll love it.

2. Chocolate HURRAW! Balm

I LOVE this. My first HURRAW! was Chai Spice which is also a perfect Winter flavour but I decided to add to my collection and try chocolate. It's sweet and creamy which is exactly how I like my balms. These are Vegan too!

3. Succulent Socks from The Sock Drawer

Socks are a Winter essential, succulent socks, even better! I picked up these socks from The Sock Drawer, a rad little online store with a HUGE range of graphic socks, seriously, go have a look, you'll want just about all of them.

4. Tailor Hydrate 

This little guy has been a skin life saver! I have super dry and sensitive skin, especially in Winter. I apply hydrate at night under a night cream and it gives my skin that added moisture boost. Using it at night means my skin can really soak it in whilst I sleep. He comes in Mini and regular size.

5. Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream

Sam swears by this stuff. She also gets a little dry skin during Winter and this baby helps put the flakes at bay. The Rosehip & Evening Primrose oils help protect the moisture barrier for really smooth, hydrated skin. A sweet little match for our Hydrating Day Cream.

6. HURRAW! Black Cherry Balm

Another one of Sam's favourites. She has loved this little balm for a while now, as do many of you guys. The perfect amount of tint with a classic cherry scent. You can never have enough balms during Winter.

7. Spectrum Collections Domed Buffer

These new brushes from Spectrum have been selling like little hot cakes and why wouldn't they? Look at this baby, pastel pink with blue ombre tips, what more could you ask for in a makeup brush? 
This Domed Buffer has been one of my most used. I use it for applying powder and love it. It's dense enough to apply it evenly and works just as well with bronzer.

8. Zitterstyne + Sun English Garden Candle & Misty Mandarin Water

This New Zealand made company is so lovely. I first spotted them out and about in Auckland and was then given these as gifts. The candle is gorgeous, it leaves the office smelling like it's name suggests, an English garden. Perfect for cold Winter days to remind you of Spring.
The Misty Mandarin Water is heavenly too. It's infused with essential oils and witch hazel, when spritzed over the face or body it leaves you smelling and feeling gorgeous. Plus they contain a hand picked crystal in each bottle,this one has Citrine which helps to energize and recharge. Pretty cool huh.

9. Spectrum Collections Kabuki

A pretty darn good Kabuki. I use this one to apply powder when I'm short on time, It's large and dense so applies the product evenly and quickly. Super soft and of course, matches the rest of the line with the pastel pink.

Let us know your favourites below!

Much love,

H + S

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