My Floatation Tank Experience

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This week’s blog is a little different. Sorry, there's no make up reviews or lipstick swatches, but something just as cool - My Float Culture experience. By the way, it's Sam.

Something a little bit out of the norm, but a highly requested 'review' after I posted an image on my social media. So here's a little about what I experienced through the float tank at Float Culture.

For those of you unaware of what I am talking about, a float tank is a large pod that is filled with 1000lt of water and 500kg of Epsom salts. It is sensory deprivation which means you can't hear or see and touch is minimal as the water is body temperature. You are able to shut off the outside world and have 1hr of complete silence and stillness. Great for muscle recovery, meditation, if you are pregnant and to de-stress. You can read more about Float Culture here. There is a very cool video on their home page that explains what you need to know.


Not sure what to expect, my mind was running wild. What if I feel claustrophobic? What if I get bored? What if I fall asleep? What if someone walks in? Do I go in naked? Etc. I think every question imaginable ran through my head. I was heading to Float Culture with my brother who was on to his 13th float tank experience. He reassured me and told me to leave all expectations at the door as each experience is different. He is a creative and his float experiences seem to take him on wild rides to the moon and back! I was secretly hoping for something cool like that to happen to me too!

The lovely receptionist greeted us and she took me through all I need to know. There are two float rooms at Float Culture and I was in the Forest room, then there is the Lake Room. The Forest Room is a pretty large room with forest sounds in the background and trees covering one feature wall. The room had a shower, toilet, sink and of course, a huge floating pod. I had to first shower and shampoo my hair to remove any oils. I was thrilled to see they supply all shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and soaps, all by Sukin - Woohoo! Cruelty free, vegan, organic and carbon neutral.

So after I showered, it was time to get in the tank. I got in, sat down and had a quick look where the emergency buttons and the light buttons were. Once I had got a feel for the size of the tank I was ready to close the lid. It's actually massive inside and a lot warmer if you close the lid, so there were no issues with feeling claustrophobic. I lie down and find my balance. I popped up in the water and floated on the surface immediately, it's super buoyant. I hit the button that lets the receptionist know I'm ready to roll and she starts the clock. First, it is 10 minutes of music then you have 40 minutes of absolute silence followed by another 10 minutes of music, which is your cue, that it's over. You wear ear plugs which stop the noise, there is no light so you can't see anything and the water was body temperature so all I could feel were slight waves of water when I moved and to start with, a little stinging from the salt on some small cuts on my hands (they recommend Vaseline that they supply to cover cuts).

I think I went in and out of different states of mind through the 40 minutes. Part of me was amazed by this incredible pod and the spaceship-likeness of it. I could have lay in awe for hours. After the initial 'OMG I'm in a tank, how cool' I started to calm. Then I started to think about everything that's going on in life at the moment. I had to consciously stop myself from doing this or I could have sat in there for an hour thinking about it. Eventually my mind went blank (I was surprised at this too!). I think my mind was trying to find something to think about and the most hilarious things were popping up. Strangely, I had Jeffree Star's face rolling through my mind like a film reel, then it was a bunch of lipsticks drawing on a window, then it was a bunch of colours swirling around and creating different patterns like a kaleidoscope. Pretty crazy/cool that's for sure!

I got an itchy nose at one point, which was super annoying so I had to itch it, which got salt in my eye! They provide a water spray bottle to help in this situation so you can rinse and continue.

The time was up in what felt like a blink of an eye. The music came back on in the last 10 minutes and that was my cue to get out and rinse myself off.

Showered and ready to roll I met my brother in the waiting room, who informed me that he went on another magical journey to mindfulness. 

Apparently your second float is a different experience altogether as you know what to expect and I have been told, you are able to find your calm much sooner than your first. I will definitely be doing another!

Highly recommended. Let us know if you have had a floating experience before below, we would love to hear how yours went!

Until next week..

Much love,

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June 25, 2015 by Sam Glaswell
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