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It's that time of year when our skin goes into hiding & let's admit it, our leg hairs are left unshaven that little bit longer. 
There's nothing wrong with this, ill be the first to admit, it's quite satisfying not having to shave your legs as they're pretty much covered for three months. BUT.. I do like to look after my skin, this means giving them a good fresh scrub and if I feel like it a shave and tan too.

I've been using the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, the latest addition from Eco By Sonya Driver to our SLCF family. 

Eco By Sonya Driver use only natural and organic ingredients and this product is no exception. 
With fresh lemongrass & hydrating coconut oil this scrub really is a winner. 

I use this in the shower once a week all over for a decent scrub, if I need to remove old tan, Ill apply it to my Eco Tan Exfoliant Glove, this gives you double the scrub and preps your skin for a new tan application.
I love the Winter Skin, a gradual tan moisturiser that's ideal for those of you with fair skin types. 

The consistency of this scrub is pretty thick with a creamy, sand like texture which I like, it provides a decent scrub due to the Himalayan Salt and leaves your skin hydrated from the coconut oil. 

I apply to lightly damp skin and massage in. I like to leave the scrub sitting on my skin for 5 minutes once I have massaged the product in, to really let the oils settle into my skin. Then just rinse with warm water. 

It's not just for dry skin either, use to help combat stretch marks, cellulite and pigmentation.

We love this stuff and want to know what you guys think. Use the discount code SCRUB10 at the checkout for 10% off and tell us how you go!

Happy scrubbing!

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June 11, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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