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So this week we were sent a few of the new Australis Metallix Eyeshadows to test out.
As you guys know, we test out all of our goodies to make sure they fit the bill and that you guys will love them too! 
These eyeshadows aren't your regular, let's just make that clear. Oh no, these little pots are filled with a variety of metallic shadows with a foil finish, they almost create a wet look to the eye.

We weren't sure whether these would be a creamy or powdery feel, turns out they almost had a damp feel to them, were definitely creamy and very pigmented.

The image below is one swipe of each so you can see how thick and smooth they apply.

They definitely have a high colour pay off and intense coverage like they suggest.
They contain Vitamin E and anti-oxidants to help smooth and soften the eyelids whilst hydrating and protection against UV which is awesome. They also say to apply a primer first for best results.

One of our favourite parts are their names..

We just watched three out of the 6 they have to offer, our question to you guys is: would you like to see these available at She Lives Cruelty Free?

Tell us below by leaving a comment and you could be into win a $25 SLCF voucher!

Much love,

S & H x


June 04, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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Kate said:

Yes! Gold Gaga looks amazing :)


Lucy said:

Yes! You should definitely sell these, particularly the Guns and Rose Petals shade. It’s so pretty! :)


Kimber said:

The colours look gorgeous! How did you find the wear of them?

Stephanie Gardner

Stephanie Gardner said:

YES! I love Australis and that they’re cruelty free. I’ve seen some awesome tutorials using these and i’d love to give them a try!

Ashley Dalrymple

Ashley Dalrymple said:

YES PLEASE!!! Gold Gaga looks very pretty.


Rochelle said:

Yes !!

Talia Clark

Talia Clark said:

Yes! Now I really wanna go out and buy them! My first thought was to go and see if you already sell them! Please please make these available! Xx


Emma said:

Lana del Gray – what a perfect name and love the colour, but to be honest, I’d love them all!

Emma Thorpe

Emma Thorpe said:

YESSSS! I have tried these before and they are soooo good! They will be a top seller ??


Rebecca said:

These are so pretty – yes, please stock them! They look like thy have incredible payoff and consistency and I’d love to see the other colours, too. Any chance there’s a vibrant green? I’ve been after one to go with my LBD.


Celine said:

Yes! Guns & Rose Petals looks amazing. ?

Krystle Field

Krystle Field said:

Yes! I need Gold Gaga in my life!


Gabi said:

Yes definitely!!


Pia said:

Yes! that guns and rose petals gives me the biggest heart eyes


Sophie said:

Yes please! I bought one of these in Australia last month and really regretted not grabbing more.


Olivia said:

Yes they look incredible! The colours are so rich…love Guns & Rose Petals!


Kirstie said:

YES!!! They look amaze!!!


Alex said:

Omg. YES.


Jo said:

YEEEES! I have a couple of the ACXME ones and they formula and colour payoff is just incredible, I’ll be buying all of these from SLCF if you stock them!!


Karli said:

Yes! They look beautiful :)


Shirley said:

Love a good eyeshadow with heaps of pigment <3

Kelsey Feisst

Kelsey Feisst said:

Yes pleas they look gorgeous and I love Australis.


Amanda said:

Yes!! Love guns and rose petals!


catherine said:

Love it, how fantastic. What a great colour selection you could even use them as a highlighter for your brow bone or for your checks. My fav would be ’Guns & Rose petals.


Zoe said:

Yassssssss! Guns and Rose Petals looks amazing!!!!


Seb said:

Yes please! They look amazing! X


Kara said:

You should absolutely stock all of these, I would love to try Guns and Rose Petals ❤️

Chloe Cleaver

Chloe Cleaver said:

Yes! They look so nice! Best colours!


Renae said:

Yes! Those colors are gorgeous.


Kendall said:

YES ! Shimmery, metallic eyeshadow is my absolute favourite & these look incredible ! When & Where can i get them ?!?!

sarah d

sarah d said:

100% yes!! These colours look seriously amazing!! ( =


Ami said:

Oh yes please.. Gold and Guns esp! Neutral enough to be worn all the time, awesome enough to want to wear them all the time…

Jazz Chib

Jazz Chib said:

Oh my gosh !!!! Yes! !! These are beautiful, I watched a YouTube review and look with them yesterday. Totally make them for sale on SLCF nothing better than being able to go on a makeup website and not have to wonder or worry about the animals that may have been harmed for the product!! Xx I love SLCF! !! ???

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