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Another week, and another mini review for you lovely kitties.
We are still super pumped about our launch of Spectrum Collections last week that we thought we would showcase one of our favourite brushes so far from this collection.

The Small Fan

This brush is amazing! Definitely one of our top 3. I (Sam) especially love it to apply my Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter on the cheek bones, bridge of my nose and a little on my forehead and chin. You can also use the thin edge to dust a little highlight onto your brow bone.

The flat edge of the bristles creates a perfect line which helps create 'lit' areas on the face. Also amazing for sweeping excess powder/eyeshadow from under the eye. I have so much fun playing with this brush I just want to do my makeup all day. A cool little fact - the bristles are actually slightly crimped, to ensure they are tightly secured!

So there you have it. One of our absolute fave brushes that we highly recommend. Cruelty free (of course) and vegan too as they're made of all synthetic bristles.

Until next week kitties..


S + H

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