Spectrum Collections Brush Heart Cleaner

Well this week has been super exciting... 
Since we launched over a year ago we have been testing and trying out every cruelty free/vegan brush brand you can think of to find the most perfect brushes to bring to the SLCF family.

So a year in the making, we have sourced for you 17 different types of brushes and one brush cleaner by Spectrum Collections.
We fell in love with the funky look of these brushes. The beautiful pink handle with the bright blue and purple ombre bristles, all synthetic fibers and they are all 100% cruelty free and vegan of course! 

So this weeks blog will be a short and sweet showcase of one of the coolest products on the brush market today, the brush cleaner.

I was a little skeptical with products like this at first as I figured that the cleaning process I already did was good enough. This tool cuts your cleaning time in half and actually makes it almost a fun process. You will not loathe brush cleaning anymore!
This Brush Heart brush cleaner is a funky bright pink and It also has an area in the middle of the heart to place your hand for a firm grip.

I just popped a little of my Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser on the Brush Heart and was away. I rubbed the bristles of each brush all over the heart to make sure it removed all of the makeup and got a deep clean. A little rinse off with water and it was all over. Super easy and super quick!

I like to let my brushes dry facing downward so the water isn't able to reach where the glue would hold the bristles. This helps keep brushes for longer and ensures bristles stay in place.

It's also a great idea to wash your new brushes. These Spectrum brushes are great and we have experienced no colour fade when we wash ours!

Let us know your thoughts on the Brush Heart or any of the Spectrum Collection brushes!

Until next week kitties..

S+ H

May 14, 2015 by Sam Glaswell
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