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Hey Kitties!

Sam here this week. I'm following on from Haley's blog post last week which covered the NOMAD juice cleanse - The Green Cleanse which you can find here. I chose to do The Classic Cleanse which to me sounded a bit easier as the juices included a bit more fruit than The Green Cleanse.

The NOMAD cleanses were so appealing to me as they are designed to be a holistic cleanse. Not just great for the physical body but also cleanses you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My life has been fairly hectic over the last year, especially the last 6 months and my diet has suffered. Which always effects my skin and my mood, so I needed something to reboot my entire system. I used to have a green juice daily which helped keep my skin clear but I haven't made time for that recently and my whole body is suffering. I'm also completely addicted to sugar so I thought The Classic Cleanse would be a great start to cleanse and reboot and wouldn't be so shocking to my system.

I have cleansed in the past and found it extremely hard as I LOVE to eat, as most of you probably do, but I would always feel hungry. So of course I was a bit nervous, a 24 hour cleanse with no eating.. Sounds hard!

The chiller bag turned up to the office including 6 juices, a lemon and some straws. This was a pleasant surprise, I wasn't expecting it to be presented so beautifully. Each juice came with a label describing what was inside and what the purpose of those chosen ingredients were for that particular point in your cleanse.

I spent that day preparing myself for the following day of cleansing. I read all of the information that came with the cleanse pack which prompted me to think about what I wanted to achieve from this cleanse mentally, physically - holistically. So I spent some time thinking, did my night time ritual and was prepared to start the next day with enthusiasm.

I awoke fairly rested and had a glass of water with a dash of lemon as the cleanse recommended. About half an hour later I had the first juice, Gaia's Awakening - Apple, cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon, kawakawa, chia seeds and brazil nuts. A proper green juice to kick start the day. This juice was super easy to drink as I could taste the sweetness of the apple.

With a busy day planned I had to pre plan what times I would have each juice so they were spread evenly over my day. 2.5 hrs later I opened juice no.2, Phoenix Rising which consists of organic apple, ginger, carrot, turmeric and activated sunflower seeds. To me it sounded spicy but it wasn't at all, and was again delicious and easy to drink. I left a small amount in the bottom as I was still quite full from my previous juice. This cleanse definitely doesn't leave you hungry.

Juice no.3, Wild & Wilin Berries - Organic banana, blueberries, goji berries, activated linseed and almonds, elderflower, pomegranate and lemon. Definitely a favorite of mine. I am obsessed with berries and especially goji berries so I was really looking forward to this one. This cleanse was super fun tasting with all of the different flavours. Not too sweet but not too bitter - Bliss.

Juice no.4, this time only 2 hours after my last. Raspberry & Hibiscus Kefir which includes filtered water, kefir grains, raspberries, hibiscus infusion and organic lemons. This juice was very refreshing and another of my favourites. A little more watery than the others which was a great change. Have I mentioned that you should stay near a loo with the amount of liquid you consume haha.

On to juice no.5. Second to last! It was around 4pm by this stage and I was still feeling super full. This juice is called Green Shakti which includes pineapple, avo, spinach, green tea and lotus infusion, apple, aloe vera, and lemon. The first words that come to mind when I try to describe this juice is fresh and crisp. It was ice cold, and super refreshing. A perfect afternoon treat in the sunshine! By this point I was feeling great. Very relaxed and content in knowing I am feeding my body and mind all of these amazing nutrients that it so desperately needed.

Juice no.6. The final juice! By the sounds of the ingredients I feel like this juice was created as a type of 'dessert' juice so you can finish your day with something sweet and delicious (and still jam packed with nutrients). This is called the Shanti Calm - Cashew milk, camomile, banana, sprouted buckwheat, dates, vanilla and sea salt. All I have to say is yum, yum, yum, and yum. Sweet, thick and delish. I only made it through half of this juice. Only because I was still full from the entire day of cleansing! Eventually I plodded off to bed on a full stomach. I even matched my nails!

I am so happy with this cleanse. I found that even in just a short 24 hours cleanse I started to feel my body and mind get some spark back. Something to note also, I suffer from dermatitis on my face and a few days after the cleanse it started to clear up! I think if I were to do it again, I would opt for NOMAD's three day cleanse to really give my body and mind a longer kickstart.
I have also now made some time for a vege juice every morning which seems to be doing wonders so far! It is so true that beauty starts from the inside. Not only with your personality ;) but also with what you feed your body and soul. This cleanse has definitely prompted me to take a step back and look at my life as a whole and cleanse it in every aspect. So a huge thanks to NOMAD for making such an amazing product.

See ya next week kitties!

S xx


May 07, 2015 by Sam Glaswell
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