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So this week's blog post is a little different from our usual. Instead of trialling a new makeup item or skincare regime, we thought it could be quite cool to share with you something that Sam and I think is one of the most important things for maintaining health and beauty, inside and out - your diet.

Now I am partial to a green juice or two, in fact I try to have a green juice on the daily. The benefits of consuming a veggie pack juice each day are up there. For me to list and talk about all the ins and outs could take a while and to be honest, keeping this short and sweet is great for you too.

Instead, head on over to NOMD NUTRITION, these guys know their stuff when it comes to juice cleanses.
Last week I completed the Green Cleanse, hence why I thought this blog would be a cool idea, to share with you my experience and why I think these are super for boosting your inner and out radiance. 

I was super excited to give the Green Cleanse a go, NOMAD stand out from the juicing crowd, being a holistic company, each juice is created with love and purpose with a range of amazing, beneficial ingredients to suit the time of day and the different areas of our bodies. Not only are they beneficial for us, but they are also doing their part when it comes to sustainability, which we love.

Nomad are passionate about creating your most nourishing and gentle cleansing experience possible, the idea of a door to door delivered cleanse was brought into fruition by Jamie the founder of Nomad, with the intention to not only provide a holistic cleanse but ultimately inspire and educate the individuals who embark on a journey of renewal in the wonders of holistic nutrition.

We feel that it is our responsibility to stay true to our belief of protecting the earth and its wonderful gifts, therefore we aim to provide a product that holds little burden to the environment or future generations. At Nomad we endeavour to support our local businesses by connecting with suppliers in our community, by doing this we keep our carbon foot print small and our community nourished.

This philosophy resonates and flows throughout the business, ultimately providing our clients with a beautiful product that we are proud of.  This ethos supports your cleansing journey by holding this intention, bringing the energy to not only focus on the body alone but every part of your being. Mind, body and soul.

The cleanse arrived in a rad little cooler with my 6 juices, 6 straws and a lemon for the lemon water on day 1.

If you do decide to do one of the cleanses they offer, they also provide an abundance of relevant information and guides on how to take part in your cleanse and how to make the most out of it.

Juice 1 was awesome, Awaken Dande. A veggie packed green juice combined with vitamins and minerals to make the start of my day as nourishing as possible. I had mine around 8am which is when I would usually have a juice and a smoothie anyway.

Juice 2, Fine Fettle was a little different for me, a creamier juice with avocado and pear that was definitely satisfying. At this point hunger can kick in and your brain is like' feed me', but this guy was just what I needed.

Juice 3 was another amazing green juice blend with flavours that aren't usually found in your regular green juice.  The watercress and rocket gave it a really unique flavour, I really liked this guy. Plus, number 4 fitted in nice to my green flat lay for Instagram!

Juice 4 was one of my favourites. A beautiful light elixir that was refreshing and uplifting. Coconut is super hydrating so this one was ideal for the afternoon grind.

Juice 5 was once I had arrived home from the office, around 5.30. A refreshing green juice with some traditional flavours plus some New Zealand natives promoting movement and fluidity within. 

Juice 6 was around 7.30pm so essentially dinner. This one was a creamy texture and nut milk based. There was a real hit of turmeric which gave it a pretty unique flavour. This juice promotes a sense of warming and calming for the end of your day which is really lovely, plus the ingredients selected have the ability to promote relaxation. I was actually pretty full half way through, so I saved the other half to have with breakfast in the morning. 

Reflecting on the day, I realised how great it is to actually do a juice cleanse. The amount of amazing nutrients you are feeding your body is awesome. Being mindful, setting intentions, taking part, relaxing, breathing and generally loving your insides - out.

Sam also did a cleanse from NOMAD, the Classic Cleanse which we will touch on next week. Definitely check NOMAD out if you want to look into how you can give your self a little boost. Your body is your temple after all, why not treat it to some juice love?

Much love,

H & S


April 30, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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