Australis AC On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit

This week we welcomed a rad new brand to the SLCF family.... So if you haven't already heard, we are now very proud, official stockists of Australis Cosmetics.

This cruelty free company is 100% Australian owned and operated. They are accredited cruelty free and on the 'choose cruelty free' list. A lot of their products are vegan too! Super affordable, none of their products are over $23 on our site and they're top quality.

So naturally, we thought the first product we would try out and swatch was the super popular AC On Tour, Contouring & Highlighting Kit.

This little gem flys off shelves worldwide. It comes with six powder shades to create that ultimate structured make up look.

The top three shades are for highlighting and the bottom, obviously for contouring.

So lets start from left to right on the top row (highlight);

1. Top row, left hand side. This shade is the lighest in the set. Perfect to lighten any area of the face that you want to highlight. I use this as a highlight base and then apply shade 3 over the top if I need an extra bit of highlighting/illuminating.  

2. Top row, middle shade. A yellow based tone is perfect to use under the eye or to combat any redness. A great brush to use for this is a large fluffy shader, they are soft and gentle enough for use under your eyes.

3. The top right shade has a slight shimmer to add a bit of illumination to where ever you place it. This would be perfect for cheek bones, bridge of nose or a light amount on your forehead and cupids bow. A fan brush makes using illuminating powders easy peasy! 

And the bottom three shades for contouring. L to R;

1. A reddish brown, the lightest of the three, great for softening and blending out the darker shades around the jawline, neck and cheeks.

2. A matte brown, slightly less of a red undertone than the other two shades. You could almost use this on your brows or lids too!

3. This shade is a red based brown, possibly the darkest of the three, ideal for the hollows of your cheeks, forehead and sides of nose.

The contouring shades are very pigmented so we find it best so use a small amount on a buffing brush and slowly build up the contour. 

So there you have it. The famous AC On Tour Contour & Highlight kit.

Let us know if you have tried this before in the comments below! We would love your feedback.

Until next week kitties..

Much love,

S + H


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