DIY Toothbrush Art

You all know we love our DIY projects at SLCF, we have a whole heap on our blog, ranging from Body Scrub's & Nail Art to Cinnamon Doughnut Hair treatments.
Today we wanted to share with you a cute and easy little DIY idea that is super in-expensive and looks pretty rad too.

There are only two things you will need in this DIY, some cruelty free nail polish and a Go Bamboo Toothbrush. That's it folks.

Now we love these Go Bamboo Toothbrushes' but if you have more than one of these guys in your toothbrush holder, your bound to be getting them mixed up with your partner, your mum or your little brother. Today we have a solution!

Grab your favourite cruelty free nail polish shades and your Go Bamboo Toothbursh and simply decorate the tip. You want to stay clear from the top of the brush as you don't want any nail polish near your mouth.

We used three different shades, two from Spa Ritual and one from OCC, the amazing glitter!

Be creative, we did a simple stripe but you could go all out with some tribal patterns, polka dots, or even a portrait if your pretty handy with the old nail art!

Now you won't get confused with which brush is yours at 6am in the morning.

If you re-create this easy DIY, show us, we love seeing your creativity, tag us on Instagram, we love sharing your snaps too!

Much love,

H & S x

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