EOH Ultimate Brow Define Pencil - Dynasty

Woohoo, finally a brow product has joined SLCF!
Another of the Eye Of Horus range, this Ultimate Brow Define Pencil comes in three shades. Husk, Dynasty and Nile. Basically one for blondes, one for brunettes and one for dark brown/black haired kitties.

In this weeks blog we swatch the Dynasty shade of the Ultimate Brow Define Pencil. Dynasty is a medium brown, but I (Sam) have been using it for the past 2 months on my dark blonde/ash blonde brows and it matches perfectly. Depending on how hard you push the tip will depend on the deepness of the colour that's applied. 

The pencil has a wind up centre and an eyebrow brush/spooly on the other end to help keep the strays at bay.

A wax tip allows for a smooth application, push hard and you get an opaque line, use a softer hand and you can create light 'hair' like strokes. It's long lasting too so you won't ned to reapply throughout the day or night.


Just a light tint hanging in there from two weeks ago from our babe Lisa at Loft Beauty.


Brushed and gaps filled in.

Such a sweet little product that's easy to use and only $39.99. The mascara Sam is wearing is the Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara (one of our most popular sellers).

Until next week kitties..

Much love,

S + H

April 09, 2015 by Sam Glaswell
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