EOH Liquid Define Eyeliner

Another week, another product review. We have almost reviewed all of our Eye Of Horus products for you, and this is the second to last one.. for now anyway!

As you should already be aware, Eye Of Horus is an Australian owned company who focus on bringing you top quality eye products suited to sensitive eyes and brittle eyelashes. EOH are 100% cruelty free and we are so happy to support their cause.

This week we bring you the Liquid Define Eyeliner. A jet black, opaque liquid eyeliner with a pen like tip which allows for easy application so you can draw your cat eye as thick or thin as you like just like the pro's.

This liquid eye liner dries in under 10 seconds (trust me, I tested it out. On a thick black line it took 8 seconds to completely dry). Then it stayed put on our arms for another 8 hours, I then showered and without rubbing it, the lines didn't come off my arm! Only with a bit of Tailor Oil (my makeup remover) it was removed. So this puppy is a great long-wear makeup product, ideal alongside the ever popular Goddess Mascara.

Of course, this liner ticks all of the boxes for us. I (Sam) usually get watery eyes from liquid eye liners and they end up running all over my face, but this liner doesn't irritate. EOH definitely created this product with sensitive eyes in mind.

So there you have it, another of Eye Of Horus' amazing products. This brand is definitley a great cruelty free alternative to high end eye products made by companies who do test. Let us know if you have tried this baby out, and what your thoughts are below!

Until next week kitties..

S + H

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