Eye Of Horus Eye Pencil Review

To continue on with our Eye Of Horus reviews, this week we are taking you through the Goddess Eye Pencils. We currently stock two shades of these amazing wax pencils. Black and dark brown. The black is a very opaque black, the Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil, the dark brown is Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil. Each pencil has a smudger on one end too for easy blending.

With the swatches on my arm, I wanted to create a thin light line, a thick dark line and a smudged line to give you an idea of how it looks when you use it for different purposes. As you can see, depending on the sharpness of the pencil, you are able to create thin lines, thicker dark lines and you are able to smudge it out  super easy.

One thing that surprised us with these pencils is how quickly they dried and the super smooth wax forumla. After a few minutes I rubbed my finger over the swatches on my wrist and they didn't budge. Not one bit.. 

We then thought we would put it to the real test, we poured a cup of water over them, rubbed with my finger and they stayed put. Waterproof, cry proof, smudge proof, life proof. 

These, along with all of the other Eye Of Horus products are 100% cruelty free and perfect for those with sensitive eyes.

If you have purchased one of these babies, or tried one in the past let us know what you think below! It's safe to say, we are in love (of course!!)
Plus, if you spender $50 or more on any EOH products, we will add in an EOH Necklace too!

Until next week kitties..

S + H

March 26, 2015 by Sam Glaswell
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