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Sam and I love trying out new products on a regular basis at SLCF, whether it's at our local health shop, testing out a friends new haul or buying online the things we feel you guys might like to see in our shop.

One bonus of our job is that lovely companies from New Zealand and across the ditch send us delightful parcels of treats to try. This of course suits us just fine, plus it helps us get to know a brand and product before we decide whether or not we think all of you would like to give it a go too.

Today's post is all about showing some love to those brands that we have tried and given the thumbs up to. These companies share our passion for cruelty free beauty, so why not share their rad little goodies with all of you? You may just find a new staple in your bathroom cabinet.

Temple Tonic

These guys know body oils and boy do they know them well. They are a New Zealand based company that have the sweetest range of organic body oils and balms to really treat your skin. You're body is a temple after all and these babies are just the trick for pampering yourself.

We were sent the Vanilla & Cocoa Organic Body Oil to try which is a top seller, it smells like something you would want to eat, you will smell delicious!

Temple Tonic Oils combine a mix of antioxidant rich natural extracts & essential oils that not only nourish your skin but the mind as well. 

Another cool element to Temple Tonic is that their bottles are recyclable frosted glass and they are suitable for vegans too. Win!


We all know how popular body scrubs are at the moment and we are fairly partial to a good one at least once a week. 
The coffeeandscrub Orange & Jojoba handcrafted natural face and body scrub is something for those of you who are also in need of a good scrub. They combine a mix of natural oils, coffee grounds, Himalayan salt and other goodies to really get your skin glowing. Plus it smells like an orange chocolate/espresso martini. 
Ideal for those of you wanting to help clear cellulite, acne, eczema & stretch marks. 

An extra little perk, they come with a handy wooden scoop! Team coffeeandscrub have a good thing going on!

RIX Cuticle Balm

The lovely Rikki from Rix Nail Artistry sent us some of her very own Cuticle Balm to try out.
She combines all natural ingredients (which we love) including coconut, cocoa butter, Shea butter, argan oil & Kawakawa oil to soften your cuticles and promote healthy nail growth.  
We even use this as a hand moisturiser as it's so creamy and hydrating. 

Kiri Organics

It's so good when you find a tanning product that A, works and B, is easy to apply. It's even better when you find a tan that works, is easy to apply, isn't orange, doesn't leave streaks, leaves you with a dark enough tan after one application, is natural and/or organic and of course is cruelty free.

We think these guys tick all of those boxes. The Kiri Organics Natural Dark tan is just that. A dark tanning cream ideal for those of you wanting something deep and bronzed. 

Their products are made in New Zealand and contain certified organic and 100% natural ingredients. 
We applied the Natural Dark Tan at night and went to bed with it on plus no stains were left on the sheets which was awesome. You wake up with an amazing deep colour that doesn't look orange.
We love the additions of NZ native Kawakawa extract and nourishing Vitamin E for smooth, happy skin. A definite winner in our books.

Sorbet - Sensational Solids

Such a rad, innovative brand from Christchurch New Zealand. Brianne (the lovely lady behind Sorbet), creates solid body and hair products using natural ingredients and minimal packaging - bonus!
Sorbet products are certified cruelty free, certified climate-neutral, vegan, never tested on animals, packed in recyclable materials and their ingredients are sourced locally where possible, we love team Sorbet. 
How good does Gingersnap sound? A creamy, delicious and slightly spicy facial exfoliator made with brown sugar, jojoba oil, ginger, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. Yes please. 

She even offers a Sorbet Sampler which is really handy if you can't choose between them all (that would be us). 

Black Chicken Remedies 

This range of all natural skincare is one of our favourite lines, in fact we each have a very highly rated item from these guys that we fell in love with whilst trying them out. Their organic skin care products target dry and dehydrated skin, problem skin and are toxin free, free from animal cruelty and combine beneficial therapeutic oils and plant extracts.

Like I said, Sam & I were really drawn to a couple of their products. Sam fell in love with the Complexion Polish, a 100% natural powder facial exfoliant made from finely milled extracts from mother natures pharmacy. This baby polishes, lightens, assists in clearing breakouts, reduces pore size and leaves your skin super smooth and soft. You won't find water, additives, fillers, preservatives or plastic micro beads!
As for myself, I am a true Axilla Deodorant Paste fanatic. I love this stuff and have converted even the most diehard, roller ball deodorant lovers. Aluminium free, alcohol free and paraben free, this guy is a definite must-try.

The Fix

Another rad little body scrub that works a treat in exfoliating & targeting cellulite & stretch marks is The Fix coffee scrub.
This pot of goodness is made with 100% natural ingredients & leaves you smelling all minty fresh!
It also combines some of our favourite ingredients like coconut oil, to hydrate & sea salt to remove dead skin. You can grab it in a 220g pot or a 220g pouch, easy!


A range of lovely, gentle skincare with even a sunscreen in the mix, ideal for acne prone skin or younger skin.
There's a really unique product in their range called RESET. A pollutant free, probiotic cream for your face. Sounds pretty cool huh, we use it at night as a serum to boost our skins potential.
There is also a gel face cleanser, a spot treatment, a light moisturiser and our favourite, a really fresh smelling sunscreen.
We love that GR8SKN believe in natural, safe products and caring for the planet too. All of their products are biodegradable and FDA approved and the packaging is mostly recyclable and uses post-consumer materials. Rad.


We love a good make up brush and Nanshy definitely fit into this category. 
They combine the highest quality cruelty free materials with a user friendly design and the result is a sleek, modern looking set of brushes that do the trick.
One of our favourites is the Eye Crease brush, the ideal shape for blending shadow into the crease. 
They are 100% vegan and approved by PETA, which is so cool!

Zuii Organic

Zuii Certified Organic are a really amazing brand. Sam and I have tried a few of their products and have a couple of favourites, including their powder foundation.

Zuii combine the essence of nature with a unique blend of Certified Organic Flora products and ingredients to nurture, protect and improve the health of your skin and the Earth.

They also use essential oils and vitamins and minerals in their products which is an added bonus. Of course they aren't tested on animals, have no petrochemicals, no parabens, no talc, no GM ingredients and have a range of vegan items too.

We loved the Certified Organic Flora Foundation. This one's a powder foundation and comes in 10 different shades which is awesome. It's even enriched with Certified Organic Rose petals, organic chamomile flowers and organic Jasmine flowers, which sounds beautiful right? It even provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection. 

They also stock over 30 shades of amazingly pigmented eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, primer and more. An ideal range for those wanting an all organic and natural makeup kit.

Lotus People Organics

Lotus People Organics is skincare crafted by nature, which sounds beautiful in itself.  
Specially blended, natural products that are 100% natural, non GMO, free of harmful pesticides & chemicals and of course, not tested on animals.
We love the Happy Face Serum. Ideal for those with normal skin types, combining sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and a few other beautiful natural oils.

We hope you check out some, if not all of the brands and products we love, you may just find a new favourite in amongst these gems!

Do tell us what you may like to see more of on the SLCF shelves by leaving a comment below or emailing us to

Much love,

S & H

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