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This weeks blog is definitely close to our hearts, we are so happy to be supporting the #BeCrueltyFree movement in NZ and help ban the testing of cosmetics on animals in NZ.

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Be Cruelty Free New Zealand is run in a partnership between the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS), HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) and Humane Society International, and they are calling on the NZ government to make NZ the next cruelty free country.

For obvious reasons we support this movement whole-heartedly and want to help encourage others and the government to stop this pointless torture. With these bans in place, it will ensure that NZ will ban cosmetic testing on animals now and into the future, as more and more countries go cruelty free we need to put this in place to ensure it doesn't continue here.

With the #BeCrueltyFree partners help we have gathered some great info worth reading;

  • Animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients has already been banned in the European Union (the world’s largest cosmetics market), Israel, and India. The former two jurisdictions have also prohibited the sale of cosmetics subject to new ingredient or product testing involving animals. Similar legislative measures are currently under discussion in Australia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, and beyond. 

  • It's also important to note that the majority of Kiwis support banning the sale of newly animal-tests cosmetics and oppose animal testing on cosmetics. 

  • Human biology based (non animal testing) methods can provide faster, cheaper and more relevant results for consumers. Testing ingredients and products on animals (of the non human species) is irrelevant as they can react differently to how a human would.

  • How can companies test their products without animals? Safe existing ingredients are the key. Hundreds of companies — including LUSH, Antipodes, NZ SkinCare, Tailor Skincare, Eco Tan, Hurraw! Balm and all of our other SLCF brands, have sworn off animal testing, yet still produce new, safe and fabulous beauty products. They do so by using long-established ingredients combined with state- of-the-art non-animal tests that can produce faster, cheaper and more relevant test results. 

  • To ensure the safety of new product formulations, they are made up from well-known existing cosmetic ingredients can be assured using available scientifically validated non-animal testing methods. 

  • Many animal tests are decades old and have inherent well-known scientific weaknesses due to species-differences that make regulation based on animal tests highly questionable. Non-Animal safety testing focuses on how chemicals and medicines affect human, rather than animal, systems — eliminating problems of species and breed differences. There is a compelling consumer safety benefit in moving away from animal testing. 

And the horrible reality, the tests they perform on animals; 

Acute toxicity - The test substance is forced down a rat’s throat using a syringe; animals may experience diarrhea, convulsions, bleeding from the mouth, seizures, paralysis, and ultimately, death. 

Repeated dose toxicity - Rats or mice are force-fed a substance every day for 28 to 90 days; at the end of the experiment the animals are killed and their organs are examined. 

Skin allergy - The test substance is applied to the surface of the skin or injected under the skin of a guinea pig, or applied to the ear of a mouse; animals' skin may show signs of redness, ulcers, scaling, inflammation, and itchiness. 

Pain relief is not provided to animals on the basis that it could interfere with test results. 

Check out Humane Society International to help encourage NZ to be cruelty free, just fill in your details and your letter will be sent to parliament. Use your voice for those who can't. You can also click here to take the global pledge to #BeCrueltyFree too.

We have jumped on the #BeCrueltyFree NZ bandwagon and think it's pretty rad. Irene Van Dyke, MC Tali and so many other well known Kiwi's have made the pledge to #BeCrueltyFree, and with SLCF, we have made it super easy to get your hands on cruelty free cosmetics.

You can get your own sweet Be Cruelty Free T-Shirt like ours from NZAVS for $25 and all proceeds go toward the #BeCrueltyFree campaign. 

Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below, or if you have any questions, email us to
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Until next week kitties..

Much love,

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March 05, 2015 by Sam Glaswell
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Aimee said:

Living cruelty free is easy! There are so many amazing products on the market which do not test on animals. The animals in these testing facilities are just like your pet mouse, guinea pig, rabbit or any other pet that you love, care for and would never harm! Don’t be blind to what is happening, help stop it from happening and don’t stand for it! Let’s end the suffering now! X


Mel said:

Is there a “She Lives Cruelty Free” shirt with the cruelty free logos on it? I want one of those

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