DIY Cruelty Free Marble Nail Polish

I keep seeing these markble/tie dye looking nails around lately and needed to know how to create them. After a bit of googling and youtube watching (and a bit of trial and error) I managed to master the technique! Using all cruelty free products of course. It's cool to be kind.

So what you will need;

  • Tape of some kind
  • Basecoat & Topcoat
  • White or light coloured polish
  • 2-3 polishes to use as the marble
  • Toothpick or something small and pointy
  • A plastic cup filled with room temperature water
  • Cotton bud & polish remover for the clean up

And the process..

Using our SpaRitual Lacquer Lock Basecoat I applied one layer to bare nails as a good foundation.

I then applied a light colour polish. The lightest I had was this beautiful vegan shade by OCC called Vapid. A light pinky purple. Only one coat was needed as it is very opaque.


Then using some tape, tape around your nail to protect the skin. This will save you cleaning your whole finger once the marble is on. I used three pieces, one down each side and one across the bottom.

Then get a plastic cup and fill with room temperature water. This is very important as if it's too cold the polish will set too quickly and too warm it won't work.

This section is harder to explain without a video but I will try my best. You will need to work quickly so have your polish bottles lined up with lids unscrewed and ready to go. I used three shades - OCC Pool Boy, SpaRitual Mellow and added a little more OCC Vapid. Using a good polish that isn't gunky is best also. Pop one drop of each colour into the water. It should look like this, spreading out over the surface. Pop another colour in and so on. I sometimes dropped some colours in more than once. The picture to the right shows me using a small screwdriver (a toothpick would work but I didn't have one). I tried to put lines through the polish to mix the colours ever so slightly to create the 'marble effect'. The polish will dry on the surface quickly so you must do this process in a timely manner.

Then pop your finger covered in tape into the water in a downward diagonal way. Here's a video I found (I don't think it uses cruelty free products through :() but you will have a better understanding of how to apply the marble. 

Leave your finger in the water for 5-10 seconds while blowing on the left over polish that's on the surface of the water. Once it has dried, use your toothpick (or screwdriver in my case) to swirl and pick up the left over polish on the surface then you can remove your finger. If you don't remove the excess polish on the surface it will stick to your nail and mess it up.

It should look like this when it comes out;

Remove the tape and cover with SpaRitual Tout De Suite Quick Dry Topcoat. Clean up the edges with our GoBamboo biodegradable cotton buds and our SpaRitual Lacquer Remover (smells like mandarins) and Waa Laa! Pretty cool for someone who is pretty average at painting her nails! 


Good luck trying this out. Tag us in photos if you give it a go, we would love to see how you get on.

Until next week kitties..

S + H

February 19, 2015 by Haley Guildford
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