Eye Of Horus Launch to SLCF

Last week we welcomed the launch of Eye Of Horus to She Lives Cruelty Free! We are super excited to have EOH on board and know that you guys will just love their products.

Eye Of Horus is an Australian company who create great quality, cruelty free eye cosmetics. We currently stock the Goddess Mascara, three shades of brow pens (blonde, medium + dark), the liquid eyeliner and the black and brown eye pencils. All cruelty free and perfect for sensitive eyes.

We are so excited to show you all a small glimpse of our absolute favourite EOH product (or two) and one of the main reasons we started exploring the brand as a potential SLCF family member.

I can't even begin to describe my love for these products, every one is smooth, long lasting and top quality. Made with natural ingredients they are all cruelty free and combine nourishing oils such as coconut oil.

Our ultimate favourite is the Goddess Mascara. It's jet black in colour and has a rubber wand. I know rubber wands are not always a favourite but don't let that put you off. We were also sceptical. The way the brush is shaped and the mascara formula make for long, thick lashes. I have had many compliments whilst wearing this mascara, and coming from someone who has short stubby lashes it was pretty confidence boosting!

It dries quickly so you don't end up with mascara dots all over your eye lids, and stays put all day. Literally, no smudging or running off. It's a different type of waterproof too. You can swim with it on, shower and wash your face, and sometimes it just falls off in small bits instead of giving you a major panda eye. At the end of the day I just use some facial oil or coconut oil on a cotton ball and wipe it off easy peasy! Eliminating panda eyes in the morning too.

Another fav. of ours is the Liquid Define liquid eyeliner. This black eyeliner pen is also of amazing quality. The fine pen has a thin end which helps create the perfect cat eye. My eyes are usually quite sensitive to liquid eyeliner and when I put it on my eye makeup runs all over my face. With this EOH eyeliner that doesn't happen, I was able to create an almost perfect cat eye (which is a huge accomplishment for me!) and it stayed put all night. 


So it's safe to say we absolutely love these products and this is why we chose to bring them to you too! We trial each and every product we stock and only stock the best of the best.

We will do some swatches and looks on the blog in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

Until next week kitties..

Much love,

S + H


February 12, 2015 by Sam Glaswell
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