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This week we were lucky enough to be sent a beautiful package from SocialEyes, filled with all of their new lash style plus a couple of new additions.
These new lashes vary in design. Some more natural looking than the first release, ideal for those of you who like wearing lashes daily, some are much more dramatic; boasting long full, thick lashes, there are a couple of unique designs and then there is also a lower lash, for those who like something a little extra. SocialEyes have also released a vegan eyelash glue and a set of tweezers for an easier application of the lashes.

Of course we had to try out our fave styles of the new additions and see how they wear. If you want to check out out last lash try on, check that blog out here.

PS.. our brows are by our teeny tiny favourite at Loft Beauty Boutique, she's the jam when it comes to getting your brows on point.


A natural looking lash that fits into your own set nicely. With larger and smaller groupings of lashes theat create different lengths along your lash for a full effect. I loved these ones.


These are teeny little bottom lashes. Probably one of my favourites. I'm not wearing any top lashes with these and they balance out my natural lashes nicely. You could team these with a set of full lashes for a pretty fluttery look too.


These are the shortest most natural looking style. Perfect for adding volume and for eyes that are  smaller (like mine). I loved these lashes and will definitely wear them again, I'm thinking to important meetings, day events and other functions where dramatic lashes would feel a little unnecessary.

Sweet Talker

A clear band with light lashes spread out in sections with thicker lashes separating them. Dramatic enough to know you are wearing lashes, but not too intense. I love these! 

Playing Coy

Another more natural lash. A little longer than Butterfly, these will be my go to lash for everything from weddings to nights out.

Forget Me Not

These will give you the length without being overly dramatic. Bold and beautiful.


I had to pick one dramatic style to try out on my wee eyes. They usually drown out my eyes and enhance the downward angle of the outer edge but these have the perfect angle of curl to create an upward 'flick'. Dramatic, glamorous and beautifully bold! It looks like there are two sets of lashes mixed into one, a multi layered effect on a black band. I felt like a superstar wearing these.

Tweezers + Glue

As a veteran eyelash wearer I have always been a little skeptical about using tweezers. I've always been one to use my fingers and being so stubborn, I assumed they wouldn't work any better. Boy was I wrong. So much easier to apply. Even an eyelash beginner would find application a breeze with these. They make is so much easier to clamp the lashes closer to your natural lashes to create a seamless look, as well as placing them easily onto the eyelash edge.

A cruelty free eyelash glue is something we have been waiting for to hit the market! There is such a need for a CF/vegan eyelash glue and we are so very happy it is now available through SocialEyes. Super quick drying, dries clear and doesn't have that icky latex smell (you know that fishy one?). You don't need to wait until it is too tacky, and comes with a nice little application brush so you don't waste any glue. The product sticks very well so you won't need to keep checking the corners of your lashes to make sure they're stuck down throughout the night.

We would love to know what you think of these styles, which ones you love and mayyyyybe we will bring some to SLCF sometime soon? 

Until next week kitties.


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Vixen and forget me not!! ?

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