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Happy 2015 Kitties! Welcome to the new year. We hope y'all had a sweet little break and made the most of the glorious Summer sun. We certainly had a blast!

Whilst we were away soaking up the sun, swimming, chilling and dabbling in some partying, we found ourselves gravitating towards a handful of products that kept us looking, smelling and feeling top notch. These babies were thrown into our beach bags, hand bags, overnight totes and in our back pockets, so why not share our summer product flings with you all?

Some of these products feature in our Summer Essential Blog too. We even have 10% off these items until the end of Jan, so get in quick!
Right-o, let's crack into it then..

Haley's Top 3

I (Haley) never miss a day without applying lip balm. At home I just smear on some coconut oil but when I'm away or on the go I'll reach for my Chai spice HURRAW! Balm. I've loved this for a while now. They are super creamy, they last ages and are organic, vegan and smell darn good. 

Another Summer must have is a good deodorant. I'm not shy when it comes to applying deo. I couple of good sprays of this Eco Tan natural Coconut Deodorant is all it takes to keep you smelling fresh! It's aluminium and paraben free so you won't be getting any nasty blocked pores. A healthy underarm treat. 

Finally, this sparkly little number. I've had this OCC Nail Lacquer in Arsenic on my toes all Summer. Everyone loves a little glitter right? This shade is pretty darn glittery too, two coats will leave you with an opaque silver coat on your little piggies or claws. 5 free, vegan and cruelty free, this stuff is my Summer favourite for sure!

Sam's Top 3


Sam here..

Wow, when you look at these lined up it looks like I'm a tan-o-holic. Which is pretty true. As I don't have much time to sunbathe and get a 'real' tan, I reach for the Eco Tan Invisible Tan often. Every week or so I top up my tan once I've exfoliated. Super easy to apply and isn't orange & so far I haven't left any streaks on my body! Can't live without it. Cruelty Free and organic, I'm in love.

To go with my freshly tanned skin, I use theBalm Bahama Mama every day. It's a staple in any girls make up bag. I apply with a large powder brush to give my face and body that little extra glow. This bronzer is perfect to contour with also as it's quite pigmented so a little goes a long way. Perfect for creating cheek bones and structuring the face.

And last but not least (in the strangest order) my ultimate favorite lip balm, the Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. The tint is just enough to give you a little colour without looking like you're wearing a really average lipstick. Smells devine too, just think of the actual smell of cherries.. The smell that first comes to mind when you think of the nostalgic smell of cherries.. That's it! Amazing, I could sniff it all day long. Aside from the smell and wear, Hurraw! is a vegan and organic company and it goes without saying that all of their balms are also cruelty free. This company is amazing, they are conscious manufacturers and super nice too.

theBalm Bahama Mama, Eco Tan Deodorant, Eco Tan Invisible Tan are all discounted by 10% until the end of Jan with out Summer Essential promotion. 

Also, the Black Cherry Lip Balm is our Hurraw! Balm 'Flavour Of The Month' which means it's also discounted to only $5.21 for the entire month of January. Make sure you get in quick before they sell out, our Flavour Of The Month balms are always a sell out.

Until next week Kitties...

S + H

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