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Summer is fast approaching and we need to be aware of the effects that the hot sun and warm weather have on our bodies. Sure, we get a sweet golden tan and highlights through our hair, but it is vital that your skin stays safe, hydrated and well cared for (that goes for the inside too).

Along with scrubbing off old skin cells to create smooth skin, we need to look after the areas that may just get left behind. Your lips will probably take a beating from that heat of the sun and will need a little extra love and a good scrub too!

This week we thought we would test our DIY skills and create a scrub designed just for your lips! It only takes a few ingredients from the pantry, and you can mix these up however you like. Why not have a DIY day and make a batch of our DIY Body PolishFace paste & Cinnamon Doughnut Hair Masque for the ultimate at home spa day!

For our SLCF Lip Scrub you will need:

A small bowl
1/2t Organic Cacao
1T Organic Coconut Oil
Himalayan Rock Salt (or something a little course)
1 T Coconut Sugar 
Containers to store

Makes approx 1/4C

Alternative flavours you could try:

Organic Shea butter
Almond oil
Rose water
Olive oil
Mint extract
Orange zest
Raw Honey

Start with 1T of organic coconut oil, it does't have to be liquid, but soft is ideal.

We added coconut sugar for taste, and as a soft exfoliator. Mix well.

We added some Himilayan rock salt for a little more exfoliating 'oomph'. Not too much as we wanted to keep that sweet taste!

Then add 1/2t (ish) of raw cacao powder. This adds that chocolate flavour we all love.

Mix well so all of the ingredients are combined. You should be left with a rough paste.

Pop it in an air tight container to use whenever you need. We chose a small travel container, the perfect size!

So there you have it, a tasty, effective lip scrub. Perfect to use to prep the lips before you apply your lippy. Also a fabulous tool for chapped lips. Use in conjunction with our Hurraw! Moon Balm which is a night treatment balm and also the Sun Balm to keep your pout at it's peak!
A really cool thing with this, is that you can mix up the ingredients and use whatever you like!

Let us know if you come up with any amazing recipes for your own lip scrub below!

Much love,

S + H 

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