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Hey Kitties, Sam here - I have been contemplating changing my standard blonde ombre that I have been rocking for a while, to something unique and crazy. Sometimes we just need a change, and change is as good as a holiday right? (A much cheaper one)

Leading a cruelty free life, we must also consider services such as hairdressing, beauty therapy and nail salons to ensure the products being used are cruelty free. Don't be afraid to ring up first and ask which products your hair salon uses, have a good google and ask them about their cruelty free stance. If they are truly CF, they will be more than happy to answer your questions and take you through the products.

Haley and I heard about Kate and her team at Loxy's Hair Boutique through a friend who regularly has her extensions done and her hair treated/coloured. It always looks on point, so this seemed like the perfect choice. After meeting Kate and the other lovely ladies, I decided this was definitely the place for me and my hair! 

The team were super helpful in answering all of our questions regarding animal testing and their products and they were super sweet with Haley taking photo's for the blog too!

The products they do use are all cruelty free, which is awesome!

The wonderful Kate, started Loxy's from humble beginnings right out of her own home...fast forward 5 years and she has just opened up her own shop at the top of Ponsonby, definitely an inspiring woman!

You can't miss the salon, with it's bright pink signage out the front and in such a prime location! They specialize in 100% human hair extensions and also have an incredible team who cut, colour and spray tan.

Walking in, you are greeted by super friendly humans which is always lovely first thing in the morning.

The decor is also something to note, an amazing loft style space with brick walls and high white ceilings contrasted with clean, modern pieces and a touch of pink in just the right places! It's super inviting, relaxed and the music was pretty sweet too!

Before we arrived, I hadn't even decided on the colour. I was tossing up between aqua, grey, pink and purple. Too many choices. After strolling Pintrest and Instagram and a quick discussion with Haley, I decided on purple.

Katie who is a top colourist here in Auckland, was looking after the transformation. She talked us through the entire process and explained each product and how it would work on my hair. She even rocks a pretty unique pastel do too, so I was in good hands.

As you can see, this is me before..

After a quick detangle, it was straight to it. Ammonia free bleach was added in sections to create a clean blonde. This ensures that the colour is different tones all over the head and not one big block colour.

After some time processing, checking emails and Facebooking it was time to rinse the bleech and time for the real deal. The colour.

Mixing this purple toner with some conditioner helps lighten the colour and helps nourish your hair at the same time. Katie used this Violet shade from Fabuloso.

A few more minutes of processing and it was ready to be washed out

Katie then immaculatley blow dried and curled my hair with the amazing Cloud 9 wide curler - did we say amazing???


The vibrant colour fades quite quickly depending on how often you wash you hair. Katie bottled me up my own take-home toner and conditioner so every few weeks I could re-colour my hair on my own. Katie even made a lighter version up for Haley to tone her blonde ends too. Another cool thing about the fade is that you can switch up your unicorn colours every few weeks. Purple this week, blue the next, the rainbow is yours to explore!

A HUGE thank you to Katie and the lovely ladies at Loxy's for these vibrant purple locks! If you are in need of a change like mine, or even a new place to have your hair looking it's finest, check them out...

You can find Loxy's Hair Boutique at 4 Ponsonby Road, Auckland or www.loxys.co.nz. They have a massive following on their social media, Facebook and Instagram showcase some of their before and after shots of their incredible work. Be sure to check them out. 

We are thinking of compiling a list of our favorite cruelty free beauty spots in Auckland. Let us know below what you think and/or if you have any cruelty free gems that you think we would love!

Much love S + H

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Maureen Guildford

Maureen Guildford said:

Your hair looks fantastic Sam x


Jenna said:

Aaaaaah I love it sam!! I’ve wanted to do this for ages but not brave enough!!! It looks AMAZEBALLS on you!! I’m Defo convinced loxys is where I need to go for my next cut!!!

Love love love your idea of a list of places round akl that are CF!
Loft was amazing for my brow rehab.
Loxys can fix my hair.
Now what other little gems do you two have hidden??
Love your work inspiring ladies!

Mel Cooper

Mel Cooper said:

Wow Sam it looks beautiful!!!! Purple suits you! Your hair length is to die for!!!

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