Vegan Halloween Claws

Tis the season.. the spooky season! And with Halloween tomorrow, we thought we would try our hand at some Halloween inspired nail art using our SpaRitual Nail Lacquer range. We used 5 popular colours, Street Smart, French Tip, Thunder Road, Mellow and Poppy.. Or black, white, purple, yellow and red and came up with this wicked combo..

You only need a thin brush and something to create small dots and lines. We used a paper clip end but you could use a toothpick or a bobby pin!

We started by applying the base coat to prime the nail and hold the colour longer. We then painted each nail black and white and one red.

After googling some rad ideas we created these masterpieces..

Right Hand

Pinky - SLCF


Of course we had to create a black cat nail. Our brand logo - it was a no brainer. Paint the tip of the nail with a half circle for the cat head. With a small brush or toothpick, create ears at the top, just like two little triangles. Using the white we added two dots for eyes, the white is purely to enhance the colour we apply on top. Once that was dry we then added yellow on top of that. Once that was dried, we dotted another layer of black to create the pupil. We then added a crescent moon at the top. Easy as!

Ring Finger - Spiderweb

The spiderweb was created on a black nail base. Haley used a paper clip point to create the fine white web.

Middle Finger - Hanging Spider

To create the hanging spider, paint the nail red. Dab a blob of black any where on the nail using the brush tip. Create legs using a thin brush or toothpick. Use the white polish for the web and paint a thin line straight down connecting to the spider.

Pointer - Jaws 

This is our fave. Paint the nail black and let dry. Paint each end of the nail with white. Add 4 or 5 triangle teeth that point toward each other with a thin brush/toothpick. Once dry, apply red at each end over the white for gums/lips. Shark lovers this is so cool!

Thumb - Jack Skellington

Paint the nail white. Create two ovals for eyes that lean toward each other at the top. Using a thin brush or toothpick, paint two lines (like an equals sign but vertical) as the nose. Keep one crooked or wonky to show the more skeletal look. Using the brush or toothpick/paper clip, paint a black 'smile' from one side of your nail to the other. Paint lots of little lines along the 'smile' line.

Left hand

Thumb - Comic 'Boo!'

We thought this was super cute and wanted to recreate this 'comic like' 'BOO!' Super simple, paint the nail black and using a thin brush just paint on the letters. Our O's were quite small so once the paint was dry we then painted the inner of the O black.

Ring finger - Candy

The best part of Halloween is getting candy right? Delicious vegan candy that is! Paint the nail white. Using the purple shade, blob an oval/circle in the middle of the nail. Using a thin brush/toothpick, create triangle type edges of the lolly. Once dry we added yellow and red with a toothpick and re-painted white over the 'ties'.

Middle Finger - White Cat

We love black cats don't get us wrong, but we don't discriminate and love all animals equally, hehe! In saying this, we needed to create a white cat too. The Yin to the black cat yang. On a black background, Haley used the paper clip to create the entire cat. A circle for the body and a small circle head. Add two small triangles for ears, a long curly tail and two wee legs.

Pointer - Dripping Blood

You can use any coloured background, but we thought it would be most effective on a white nail bed. We then bloobed some red polish on the top and moved it downward. Using a thin brush, paint the outline of dripping blood. 

Thumb - Dracula's Fangs

We thought a pair of fangs would be wicked, dripping with blood. Using a toothpick, draw in the white along the tip of your nail. Then paint two fangs coming down the nail. Once dry we painted some red over the white as blood dripping off the fangs. In order to do this effectively over a dark shade, use the white over black and the red over the white.

Once all of our 'art' was dry we applied the quick dry top coat.

Now your digits are spooky as can be, be safe over Halloween kids, don't eat too much candy..

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Much love,

S + H 

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