Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen Review

We have been searching high and low for a good, natural, cruelty free sunscreen since we started this venture. It was proving very difficult to find something natural, that actually worked, was cruelty free and that was reasonably priced. We threw out our Nivea, Garnier, and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens as these companies and/or their parent companies participate in some form of animal testing. We began researching..

A lot of natural sunscreens have a weird, thick and greasy texture. They leave your skin super white and are almost impossible to remove in the shower. Not much fun.

Thank goodness Eco Tan have just launched their all new Natural Coconut Sunscreen and answered our prayers.

As we launched this product on our site at the end of last week, we have seen it fly off the shelves already, so most of you know what a big deal it is. For those of you who need a little more information (and photos) we have gathered these for you in this blog post.

This SPF30 broad spectrum (UVA & UVB protection) sunscreen smells divine, just like our Coconut HURRAW! Balm. It has a skin colour tint which gives a similar effect as a tinted moisturiser, but never fear, it's light and definitely not cakey! They have used only natural ingredients with 220mg/g of Zinc Oxide (the sun fighting ingredient). 


We applied it to our skin and within a few minutes it was dry, and not greasy in any way - no more sand sticking to the skin, horray! It's not super thick either and you only need a light covering. It is formulated for the face and body. With the  hint of colour it is ideal for those of you who still like to have a little coverage makeup wise, on top of their sunscreen. 


Left: With the sunscreen. Right: Without.

Left: With the sunscreen. Right: Without.

It feels really amazing on the skin. It blends out to a beautiful matte texture too which is so hard to come across with sunscreen.

It comes in a 150ml tube for $39.95 so heaps of bang for your buck for an all natural, cruelty free sunscreen.

As we are coming into Summer, we are all trying to get our beach bodies ready. So in preparation for getting a real sun tan, we recommended using our Eco Tan Invisible Tan before you hit the beach/pool to help you feel a little more body confident if you have some Winter white pins going on! You can use our tanning products in conjunction with our new sunscreen to look beautifully bronzed while saving your skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

It's safe to say that we are in love with this sunscreen and it will be a permanent stow away in our beach bags this summer. 

Much love,

Love S + H

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