Contour + Highlight with theBalm

Our two most popular theBalm products are definitely the Bahama Mama bronzer and Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter so why not show those of you who are partial to a little face painting of sorts, our way of contouring and highlighting our face using these cruelty free goodies. 

We applied the products with a heavier hand than usual as we want to show you the huge contrast and effect contour and highlight can create. Especially awesome for those of you that love a good selfie!

These before pictures show our skin with only theBalm foundation + concealer, plus I (Sam) have a little Limelily Husk shadow on my lids.

To contour you can use different brushes, I just use my normal bronzer buffing brush but squeeze the bristles to create more of a pinched, elongated effect. Haley uses a smaller round contour brush for better definition. To highlight, Haley used another smaller setting brush from Real Techniques & I used the same bronzer brush I used for contouring (after making sure the bronzer was cleaned from the brush).

We both contoured in the same areas. Firstly down the sides of the nose to narrow. Secondly defining cheekbones by placing Bahama Mama right into the contour which is just under your cheek, you can see the shadow when you pull a fishy face! Be sure to blend, blend and blend. Sweeping Bahama mama under the chin, along the jaw line and down onto the neck creates more shape and definition.

The highlighter looks amazing in the light, and reflects a flawless make up look. We lit the high points of the face and the areas that catch the light. The middle of the forehead, above the brow, under the bow arch at the outer end, along the tip of the nose, the inner eye corner, the top of the cheek bones, and the tip of the chin, as well as a little dab on the cupids bow (the top lip) to create a fuller looking lip. You should use a light had with the highlighter as it's pretty potent stuff! A little goes a long away, remember it's much easier to add then take away. Haley added Bahama Mama through her crease and on her lower lash line as an eyeshadow too.

Below are our before and after snaps plus a half face image to show you a crazy looking contrast! 

I am wearing Mermaid Kiss by Sweetpea & Fay & English rose blush on my cheeks.

Haley is wearing Ziggy by SweetPea & Fay.

Some pretty crazy looking half faces above huh? Thanks as always for stopping by to check out our Cruelty Free blog posts, if you have any creative looks you would love to see, flick us a comment below, would love to hear your feedback!

Much love,

S + h

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