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We thought that this week we would take the SocialEyes Flirt lashes for a test run and create two different looks - a cut crease and a bold colourful eye using some of the amazing cruelty free products we stock. We have previously blogged four other looks using SocialEyes lashes which you can check out here & here.

I (Sam) took some inspiration from Shaaanxo and tried to recreate a coral and aqua eye look with an ombre SweetPea & Fay lip. Go bold or go home right?

I covered the entire lid right up to the brow with Honey Water.

I then thought I would mix it up a bit and use a blush as an eyeshadow. Using our Limelily blush in the shade Fairy Wings, I placed this all over my lid and up into the crease. Fairy wings is a nice light pink/coral shade, which is on trend right now.

Using a blending brush, I used a little of the blush shade Marshmallow right along the crease. Marshmallow is a deeper pink so you don't need too much on your brush to get a great effect.

I then placed Dragonfly on the inner half of my lid.

I then created a darker crease with a sharp angle using Havana from Limelily. Using a straight piece of paper (business cards are perfect for this) placing it against your eye on the angle you want your shade, then blend the shade in and remove the card - boom, you have a sharp line of colour.

I then used Aquatic along the bottom lash line and mixed it with water to create a 'paste' type texture to put along the bottom water line as an eyeliner.

I then placed some more Honey water on the inner corners of my eye and along the brow bone for some highlight.

I wanted to give the SocialEye lashes Wallflower a go as they are a lower lash which I have never tried before. It was a very unique look, and super easy to apply much to my surprise! Make sure you put them underneath your lower lashes too as they are made for the lower lash line.

I then applied Flirt, once the glue was tacky and then popped on my theBalm mascara to blend my natural lashes with the fake lashes. 

Shop the eyeshadow shades here and blush shades here.

I also created an ombre lip using our new SweetPea and Fay Liquid Lipsticks. The darker colour around the outer edge and blended in is Imogen and the lighter inner colour is Ranunculus. 

I (Haley) created a cut crease look, not too harsh but something with a little shape to it. I used a base of Breeze by Limelily over the lid so the colours I placed on top would have something to blend with.

Taking a small pointed crease brush and with Limelily's Leather eyeshadow sweep it gently through the crease, staying above the crease line and not below. You want a light coloured eye lid.

Then take Limelily's Husk shadow on the same brush and blend through the crease to add some warmth, don't forget to blend and soften out just a little as it's not a very graphic cut crease.

Finally using the same brush take Limelily's Havana shadow and with even more care sweep that through the crease creating a more defined line and slightly winging it at the outer edge.

Taking husk again, sweep this along the lower lash line 3/4 of the way in to balance out the look.

Apply Flirt falsh lashes and the look is complete.

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If you re-create any of our looks, please, share them with us! We love seeing your creativity!

Much love,

S + H

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