Beauty from the inside out

Beauty begins with the things you feed your body. How we treat our selves daily and the choices we make when it comes to food, lifestyle and all the good bits in between play such an important role in how we look and feel on the outside.

This week we have combined a list of super important things for achieving beauty from within, so you may radiate and glow from the outside too. 

Sam and I both love looking for ways to stay healthy the natural way. Using the tools nature provided us, combining simple important steps with different foods and routines to create the best possible body, mind and soul. Yup, lots of these things are basic and you're probably thinking 'well duh'. But ask yourself how often you achieve these things. I bet there are a few you may brush under the mat.. getting enough sleep for example, now that's something to think about!

So, let's begin with Oils. Healthy, essential oils to keep your hair, skin & nails strong, bacteria and bugs at bay, your energy up and your skin glowing. 


Hempseed & Flaxseed

I (Sam) recently found out about the skin superfood, Flaxseed. When Haley and I went to get our brows done by brow queen, Lisa at Loft Beauty Boutique she mentioned that Flaxseed is amazing at eliminating the small bumps that I had underneath my skin. Those small bumps on my forehead were a type of acne caused by oil production and hormones. They look horrendous in the right light so I was willing to do anything to eliminate them.

So after our visit to Loft, we popped down to the health food store and bought their biggest bottle of liquid flaxseed oil. Kept in the fridge, I take 1T each night and the results have been amazing! The little bumps are becoming less prominent and I also make sure that I am exfoliating well every other day to remove oil and dirt from my pores. Flaxseed is also great with helping to keep your hormone balance and oil production regular.

Hempseed is another favourite. I (Haley) love this stuff. Hempseed is a great sustainable alternative source of protein and has naturally occurring omega 3 and 6 which helps to keep the body running and the skin nourished. I use Hempseed oil on my salads as a dressing with lemon juice, it has a real nutty flavour which is perfect for adding to dishes. I also add it in my morning smoothies or taken daily just off the spoon. If you want to check out a great Hempseed oil, Kimmithgone is New Zealand made and you can grab it here. 

Hempseed can also help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well helping with anxiety and depression. A pretty amazing oil if you ask us!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is super popular at the moment and so it should be. If you haven't heard of all of the amazing benefits, where have you been? At SLCF we love this stuff and have used it in quite a few DIY blog posts. We created a coconut body scrub and a sweet smelling hair masque. 

Coconut oil is a must in our homes. I (Haley) have a couple of jars, in the kitchen and the bathroom as it's such a handy beauty item in both areas. Sam and I both use coconut oil for cooking, it's the perfect alternative for those of you leading a Vegan lifestyle or those of you that are wanting to try healthier options other than oils such as canola or soya. 

I (Haley) have super dry and easily irritated skin, so having a jar in the bathroom or in my bedroom is a must. Lathering this baby on at night helps to keep my skin hydrated. Like we mentioned before, coconut oil can be used as a hair treatment, in a scrub, a moisturiser, a cuticle remedy, mouthwash and can even help with oral health through oil pulling.


A super healthy fat, avocados have a lot to offer us nutritionally. From consuming, to using it as a face or hair mask, this diverse fruit is a superfood for sure. Add half an avocado to your breakfast or lunch and it'll provide you with energy, healthy fats for skin and hair and it tastes pretty darn good. Avocado oil is just as great. We use it on salads and drizzled over poached eggs.


This is one thing that has been drilled into my head (Sam) since a teen. Once puberty hit and my face broke out, everyone recommended water as the best solution. As time has gone on, I still 100% believe in this and I feel it in my body and see it in my face if I have not been drinking enough water.

No matter the job or lifestyle you live, water should play a big role in your life. Some people are super active and others, not so much. Even though you may be seated at a desk all day, it's super important you have a water bottle nearby to sip throughout your day to help keep your skin and mind clear. Cleaning out the toxins from within the body and replenishing our systems for a new day. So, are you drinking enough water? 


When life is throwing everything at you hard and fast; work, gym, cooking, cleaning, kids, friends and relationships it's no wonder that rest is the one thing that goes down in the list of life's priorities. How are we supposed to remain superwomen and still get enough rest? Rest and/or sleep is essential in maintaining not only healthy looking skin but also a healthy mind and it's essential we take the time needed for our bodies to recover.

Rest in the form of sleep, meditation, you time, or even chilling on the grass cloud watching. Relax your mind. Remove the TV, those iPhones or even that book. Let your brain switch off and be at peace for a while. Something I (Haley) like to do is head to the West, it's where I grew up, it's peaceful, quiet and the beach is where I feel emotionally and physically connected, I can relax and really zone out. 

Resting your mind is a fantastic way to revitalise, taking time out of your day, even if it's just 10 minutes, to meditate and slow your mind. Breathe and relax. One of my favourite things (Sam) to do each week to slow my mind and rejuvenate my soul is doing something I love such as lying in the sun for 15 mins to absorbe some vitamin D, or dipping my feet in the ocean and feeling the salt air on my face.


It may be hard to find time to excerisise, but none the less it is hella important in maintaining a healthy mind and body. We like to incorporate rest and a light form of exercise together. How is that possible right? What an oxymoron.. Yoga of course. Resting our minds while stretching and moving our bodies. Stretching classes are also a really sweet way to get the body out of it's comfort zone and into positions you may have never thought possible..

For a more intense exercise I (Sam) like to take a boxing class. I find this helps relieve stress, focusing on strength and endurance while keeping me fit.

I (Haley) love a good gym class, a high intensity interval session or even a boxing class with Sam too! Get's you ready for your day or leaves you feeling like you've earn't that good night's sleep!


How could we not put love in there. Love makes us feel happy, excited, warm, fuzzy, emotional, crazy, beautiful and amazing! Love from family, friends, partners, animals and life in general. 

Let us know your tips for achieveing beauty from within, leave us a comment below, would love to know your thoughts!

Much Love,

S + H 



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