SocialEyes Review - Delight & Vamp

This week we had a bit of a photo shoot to prepare for, so we thought what a better way to test out some more of our SocialEyes lashes with some of our eye make up that we stock on SLCF.

I (Sam) tried out Delight as I love the dramatic look of these without being too much for my small eyes.

So, this is how I achieved my camera ready look with SocailEyes Lashes Delight.

I covered my entire eyelid right up to the browbone with Limelily Cosmetics Honey Water shadow, a shimmery champagne.

I then covered just my lid with 'Silk Teddy' by Too Faced Cosmetics (yes, they are cruelty free of course!)

Using Goldmine, a metallic gold by Limelily Cosmetics, I placed this over the first half of my lid.

Using Husk, a warm toned brown by Limelily Cosmetics on a large blending brush I placed it in the crease of my lid and blended it into my brow bone.

Then I took a smaller eye brush to define the crease with Limelily Cosmetics Havana shadow. I just placed this literally on the crease line.

I then used Limelily Leather, a darker matte brown in the V of my eye, bringing it right under my eye across the entire bottom lash line.

To highlight, I used Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm. Using a small brush this went right under my brows on my brow bone and in my inner eye under the bottom lashes. This is such a pigmented highlight, a kind of candle-lit effect.

I wanted a dark eyeliner as it makes my eyes more defined and dramatic in photographs so I mixed Limelily Cosmetics Charchoal, a dark grey, with a bit of water on an angled eye brush and created an eye liner. I used this on my waterline both bottom and top.

I wanted to create a cat eye, which I'm still practicing! Using my Schwing liquid eyeliner by theBalm, I slowly and super carefully created a small wing, dragging it past the outer corner of my eye to elongate it. I also placed it under my eye about 1/3 of the way across the bottom line. This liner stays put so once it's on it won't smudge! It's super black too and has a long brush, which I find easier to create a flick.

I then used Charcoal again around the eyeliner on the very edge of my eye.

I applied my eyelash glue onto the lash and let it dry slightly so it was tacky and easy to put on. Once set I applied the Delight lashes and Cheater Mascara by theBalm.

Haley put her favourite Vamp lashes to the test with a simple eye look.

I went for a fairly basic, but classic eye look, using only a couple Limelily Cosmetics eyeshadows and a few other products. Clean and easy to do if you are pushed for time.

I started out by sweeping Breeze across my entire lid. This is a dusky light matte pink, so it's perfect as a base to cancel out blue tones in the lid. Also great for blending any crease colours out easier.

To define my crease I used theBalm's Bahama Mama bronzer. It's a super pigmented matte bronzer that worked perfect as a crease colour.

I then used Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm as an inner eye corner highlight and ran it along my bottom lash line and as a brow highlight. It's super shimmery and catches the light really nicely. 

To add a little definition I used theBalm Schwing eyeliner. I created a small cat eye which went pretty sweet with the Vamp lashes I then applied. They are whispy and slightly boho, so teaming these with a more graphic winged line, was a cool contrast.

If you re-create any of our looks, we would love to see photos, tag us here and here using #shelivescrueltyfree

Find our range of Limelily Cosmetics Eyeshadows here.

Love S + H

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