10 Instagram accounts we love and think you will too!

Instagram has fast become a huge social media hub. I (Sam) personally prefer Instagram over any other social media, and spend hours just cruising through beautiful pictures and information. I (Haley) also love Instagram, the amount of new information and life tools you come across is so awesome. Not to mention creative people and pages that you could spend hours scrolling through.

We use our @SHELIVESCRUELTYFREE Instagram to connect with people all over the world who share the same interests and beliefs and of course to find out new information, check out cool and quirky new products and enjoy the beauty of the world through images. It is a very powerful tool and we send big love to those rad people who already follow us - Thank you! 

We have gathered up 10 Instagram accounts that we find inspiring, educational, fun and positive.

1. The Organic Mechanic // @THEORGANICMC

The Organic Mechanic is a small market-based operation founded by three rad Kiwi dudes. OM is dedicated to offering you scrumptious & nutritious smoothies with a side of peace, love, happiness & free hugs. You will find  them at the La Cigale French markets in Auckland on a Saturday & Sunday morning. Their Instagram is a beautiful combination of images, quotes and information about compassion, education, heathy living and all things positive. Good vibes.. we love these dudes.

2. Ricky Gervais // @RICKYGERVAIS

Ricky Gervais is one of our favourite celebrities. He is a huge animal advocate and is against animal testing (yay). As you can imagine from a comedian, his Instagram posts will make you laugh, love and let you in on the lifestyle of a comedian and his adorable cat.

3. Bruce Heart // @BRUCEHRT

We have mentioned BH in our favourite websites & blog - blog post and the Bruce Heart Instagram is another fave. Run by two beautiful Aussie babes Elle & Rylee, Bruce Heart is a lifestyle blog and fashion label. Their clothing line is created to be compassionate and ethical and have dedicated 5% of their sales go to a different non-profit organisation each month. Their Instagram showcases their amazing clothing line, vegan food inspo, motivational/inspirational pictures and quotes, and information about different animal advocate groups they are working with. We just so happen to have a tee from their online store, check us out here in our tees!

4. Rapid Reset // @RAPIDRESET

Our friends at Rapid have an inspirational Instagram account that incorporates all things holistic around healthy living. Created to provide us with a healthy weight management program, they post an array of things; beautiful pictures, recipes from their wicked food blog, weight loss journeys, nutritional information and inspirational quotes and pictures.

5. Gypsy Warrior // @GYPSYWARRIOR

A wonderland of whimsical and beautiful imagery. Gypsy Warrior is an inspirational brand that showcase a hand-crafted array of clothing, footwear & accessories for the Gypsy Warrior in all of us. Founders, Nicla & Michel pulled inspiration for their brand from rock 'n' roll, tattoo culture, NYC street style, high fashion & their love of vintage. Head on over and have a look, be warned, you may want to pack up, head over seas, and lead a life of a Gypsy Warrior..

6. My Healthy Dish // @MYHEALTHYDISH_

I (Sam) have been following this account for years. With over 1 million followers, My's account showcases her love for healthy eating. Food inspiration at it's best! With this account, My offers you healthy alternatives, nutritional information and the odd workout post.

7. Melt Cosmetics // @MELTCOSMETICS

Melt Cosmetics was created my Lora & Dana who are both amazing make up artists. Lora was RiRi's MUA on the Diamonds World Tour! Melt offers a range of unique shades of lipstick and their Instagram account we use for make up inspo. Every colour you could imagine, and some absolutely flawless make up looks. Did we mention that they're Cruelty Free too?

8. Cat Bird NYC // @CATBIRDNYC

A favourite of mine (Haley) for day dreaming. Jewels and jewellery to dream the day away in fact. Catbird host a wide range of beautifully crafted jewellery from different designers and a wicked little range from catbird themselves. If you love stacking rings, knuckle rings, quirky and unique pieces, this Instagram account is for you. They have a store in Brooklyn, USA, if you happen to be heading that way, feel free to stop in and pick us up a ring or two!

9.  Laura Sykora // @LAURASYKORA

One of the most amazing Yogi's we have ever come across. She is strong, flexible, and inspirational! Laura posts 4 times a day with different insane Yoga poses. Definitely worth a look! She even features her sweet wee girl in her images, too cute!

10. Captain Riley // @CPTRILEY

The adventures of a cute french bull dog that lives with the wickedly stylish YouTube duo Sammy Maria & Jason Davis. Uber cute, these posts will make you "awww" and "omg so cute" all day long. A fun animal loving page!

We have an abundance of favourite Instagram accounts, unfortunately this blog would be way too long if we included them all so we hope you love the range we chose to share with you.

We would love to know what your favourite pages are. Let us know in the comments below.

Until next week..

Love S + H

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