Eye looks featuring SocialEyes Lashes & Limelily Cosmetics

This week we were pretty excited to add SocialEyes to the SLCF family. Karissa and her brother Hayden have put in some amazing work when designing and creating not only the lashes but the brand behind them. They are 100% vegan and cruelty free and are all hand crafted with human hair.

We chose to stock 5 of the most popular styles (as voted by you guys). Flirt, Delight, Glamorous, Tease 2.0 & Vamp.

To celebrate the launch we decided to create two different eye looks using SocialEyes lashes that we stock in the SLCF store and various shades from the Limelily Cosmetics eyeshadow range.

Sam chose to work with the Glamorous lash; an attractive wispy lash that has slightly separated lashes that fill in your own natural lashes beautifully. Glamorous has the perfect length and volume for a soft but made up look. So, let's get started shall we?

Sam here,

Keeping with my standard go-to colours I chose to do a reddy brown soft smokey eye.

I applied Breeze all over my eye and up to my eyebrows as a base. It's a light matte pink colour, perfect for a base and an eye highlight. I then applied Husk all over my lid. A nice light brown. Then, in the top crease I applied a little Leather (reddy brown) with a wide brush to blend it in.

Within the V of my eye (outer edge of the eye and the crease) I used Buffalo, a shimmery dark red/purple brown. (The middle colour in the bottom row in the image below). I also bought this under my eye, just below my bottom lashes, about 3/4 in from the outer edge.

I wanted to lighten up the lid colour slightly so I popped some Dragonfly on top. (Last colour of the bottom row in the image above), a shimmery light duo chrome.

Of course, I then applied my Cheater Mascara on the bottom lashes.

I then mixed some water and Leather together with a small angle brush to create an eyeliner. I used this on the inside of my waterline.

I also attempted a small wing with theBalm Schwing liquid eyeliner. I am still trying to master this technique! I'm finding that if you stretch out your eyelid slightly, it smooths out the bumps and allows you to apply the liner in a much more precise line.

I then popped the eyelashes on once the lash glue was tacky. Once they dried I then applied some mascara to blend my natural lashes with the Glamorous lashes.

Ta Da! My finished soft brown smokey eye! These long, wispy lashes pull the look together and take it from natural to something with more oomph!

Okay - Haley here,

I chose to work with the half lash, Tease 2.0. Tease 2.0 is a 3/4 lash on a clear band, 3/4 meaning it's a long half lash. Tease 2.0 adds mega volume to the outer eye and length from the middle of your eye to the outer corner. It’s a perfect lash to make your eyes appear elongated and cat-like. Tease 2.0 is Lightweight and very comfortable, perfect for when you want eye drama without wearing a full strip lash. 

I created an eye look that I would hardly ever wear, something a little different to the everyday eyebrow brush through and spot cover up that usually takes place. It's metallic, smokey and fairly heavy and dramatic, something perfect combined with Tease 2.0.

The smokey outer third of the eye teamed with the 3/4 style lash elongate and wing out my eye. If I do wear shadow its browns and warm toned neutrals as they go best with my eye colour, so this is stepping out a wee bit!

I used a base shade all over the lid, this was Breeze, a matte very light pink. I then layered all over the lid not going further than my crease, Graphite, a shimmery grey. I used a tiny bit of Husk, which is a warm, red toned soft brown in the crease just to break the coolness of the colours and to help blend and soften. 

I then dabbed Silver in my inner eye corner and swept it onto the inner third and along the bottom of my lash line. This adds some light to open up my eye.

Lastly I used Charcoal (first shadow in the image below) on my outer eye third to deepen that V area. I also swept a little bit under my lash line towards the outer edge of my eye to balance out the heaviness of the top.

Now for the lashes. I applied Tease 2.0 to the outer edges of my lash line, sticking as close as I can to my natural lashes. Tweezers or a lash application tool help immensely with this. Let your glue dry for a few minutes until tacky before applying your lashes, that way they will grip better and not slide around as much.

Ta-da! My finished eye look. It's pretty dramatic, but fun to create something using a range of shades and textures!

If you re-create any of the above, or any look using SLCF products, be sure you share them with us! You can tags us via our Facebook page or Instagram, even Twitter!
Much Love,
S + H
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