Winter Flu Fighters

This week at SLCF we have been fighting off the winter bugs. (Yup, it's the middle of Winter here in Zew Zealand). As I write this blog I am in bed with temperatures and Haley is at home resting a nasty cough.

We figured this weeks blog should be all about fighting those winter bugs, colds and flus in a cruelty free and O'natural way (no drugs required!). We lean toward natural remedies as much as possible, and believe that medicating yourself with nutrients is the best way. Also, the majority of the medicines you get from the pharmacy are tested on animals, such as your cough medicine, throat lozenges, pills to ease pain, etc. It pays to shop around and look into the companies who are manufacturing these medicines, there are a lot of cruelty free options out there. Medicating through food is such a big thing. Making sure you are eating as healthy and as fresh or organic as possible, your body needs love on the inside to reap the benefits on the outside, through your skin, hair and over all well being.

One thing I always look to and have been chugging back is a flu fighting tea, I'm drinking about 3 of these a day & really notice the difference!

1t active manuka honey
Juice from half a lemon (fresh)
3 slivers of fresh ginger
Fill a mug with boiling water & enjoy.

Haley adds fresh turmeric to her hot tea also, on that note, here is a little something from H!

You may not always feel like eating your regular meal when you have a sore throat or a mighty cough, which means you're also not receiving your regular nutrients from your food either. A perfect way to load up on essential doses of vitamins and nutrients are through juicing. Instead of chewing through a bunch of kale, a few stalks of celery, and a whole load of veggies and fruit, juicing can provide your poor wee soul with all of the same goodness, just condensed and drinkable! You may want to add something with fibre to you day also, as juicing will remove the fibre from your veggies! 

Okay, so here is a flu fighting green juice that I love:

Any dark leafy greens - kale or spinach will do the trick. I love Kale as it is an amazing superfood! Packed with iron, vitamins A (great for your hair, skin and nails), vitamin C and K. 
Citrus fruits - grapefruit, lemon and orange. Citrus fruits have a detergent action which helps in loosening up and preventing excess mucus build-up in the upper respiratory passages. Having less of that excess mucus build up makes it much harder for bugs to hold on and develop. As we all know citrus fruits are jammed with vitamin C, helping boost your immune system, plus they taste awesome.
Fresh Ginger - another amazing flu fighter that also helps in the absorption of all the other little nutrients into your body and is an amazing anti-inflammatory.
Turmeric - something you may not be used to. Turmeric is an Indian spice that has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties, one of them being Curcumin, the main active ingredient which again has great anti-inflammatory properties and is a very strong antioxidant. I use dried or fresh Turmeric when making this juice. 
Celery - this is a gem. Celery is a great way to balance the acidity in your body, Ideally you want to be as alkaline as possible. Here is a wicked link to a chart that can help explain which foods are acidic and which are alkaline. 
Feel free to add in purified water to your fresh juices as well. 

Sam also loves a good green juice to pick me herself up. She sticks to one recipe as she loves it that much!

1C spinach
1 stalk celery
1C pineapple
1 small beetroot
1/2 cucumber
There are also foods you should try to avoid if you are feeling the winter blues. This link explains a little bit about what not to eat as well.

We have also both noticed our skin drying up and reacting to the cold weather. My Tailor Oil Cleanse is keeping my skin hydrated along with my Tailor Moisture, they seem to be doing the trick along with our Hurraw! Night Protection Balm which is keeping the chapped lips away. 
Sheesh, let's hope winter hurries along so we can warm up and bring our bodies back to their healthier selves!

S + H
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