SpaRitual Nail Art (DIY)

Time to put our collection of SpaRitual Nail Lacquers to good use and try our skills at a DIY leopard nail art. We are not nail artists, so please don't expect anything too fancy, but we think they turned out pretty rad, so here are our very own step by step instructions to achieve some leopard print nail art. (A very DIY version).

SpaRitual use the name Nail Lacquer instead of Nail Polish, so when we refer to Lacquer, we are talking about the colour/polish/formula. Just so ya know.. Ya know.

Something else we should note, SpaRitual are a vegan company and their products are free of DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin. Plus, the Lacquer Remover smells amazing, like sweet oranges.

We started with the SpaRitual Lacquer Lock Basecoat as a sturdy foundation or base for our colour. A base coat helps the colour stick to your nail for longer wear and we highly recommend this step as it does it's job to perfection!

Then for the dandy wee nail art. Obviously you can choose any colour(s) you like! I decided to stay neutral so went with the shade True and Liquid Gold. These come in a mini 5ml size and are super affordable at $9.99. I coated every second nail with a different colour (see picture). 

After two coats of True (Nude) and one of Liquid Gold, I was ready to create a leopard print. Using a really old thin nail brush by Jordana (who are now cruelty free again! Woohoo!), I dipped it in True and dabbed a blob of lacquer on top of the gold nail. Blobbing about 5-6 times around the nail. Leave to dry for a few minutes. You could use a bobby pin or toothpick if sticking with DIY tools, or a nail art tool would obviously do the trick, but like we mentioned, this is DIY at it's best!

Using the SpaRitual Fluent Lacquer Remover ($7.99) and a cotton ball, I removed the True colour from the brush and dipped it  into the Street Smart (black) for the outline of the spots. Carefully using the brush, stroke semi circles around the blobs of colour we placed on the nail. Make sure you place some random black spots in the empty areas too.

I then got a little creative and drew a Liquid Gold line and some spots along some of my nails painted with True.

Once I had let them dry, I then applied the Quick Dry Topcoat ($29.99). Make sure they are completely dry before applying the top coat to avoid spreading.

Haley used the same technique but mixed it up a little with the colours, well a lot with the colours! Haley used True and Liquid Gold as the spots, with Street Smart to outline them. As the main fill nail colour she used the following;

Mellow (Yellow)

Smoke 'N' Mirrors (Grey)

French Tip (White)

Street Smart (Black)

Poppy (Red)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (Pink/Purple)

Delight (Green)

These were actually really fun to create. Although they may be a little 'Cheryl West', we think they look kinda cool.

If you guys re-create these nails, we would love to see them. Show us on Instagram and use the has tag #shelivescrueltyfree

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