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In creating a site such as She Lives Cruelty Free, we pride ourselves on our research. We take the time to dig deep on all of the products and brands we bring you. While researching potential brands and products, we come across some amazing blogs and bloggers who are super knowledgable on the cruelty free movement and offer endless amounts of information on ethical choices in all aspects of your life. We have complied a list of some of our favourite blogs which help us keep updated with what's going on in the cruelty free world. In no particular order, here are our faves;



Alicia Silverstone's blog. Pre 2000, Miss Silverstone AKA Cher, (for those of you who don't know the cult classic Clueless, please go and watch that movie after reading this blog) stated 'I want to do something for Humanity', and well, she really has! Haley stumbled across The Kind Life when searching for celebrities or people that are well known that share the same values or hold a cruelty free stance. This blog is all about her cruelty free and vegan lifestyle. She has even written books on living a kind life whilst raising her child, so this site is an interactive extension of her book, The Kind Diet. I (Haley) love that she shares her personal experiences in every aspect of her life. Eco tips, green living tips, go to restaurants and how-to's. 

Here's a cool link from The Kind life - 9 Ways To Help Your Companion Animals Go Green! (she is so rad)


Tashina's vegan blog brings you up-to-date cruelty free information. We regularly check her blog posts so we are informed of any changes in policies and regulations as well as companies who are taking steps to become cruelty free - or going in the other direction (which is always disappointing to see). She also offers a list of great cruelty free brands and products but also brands and products to avoid, AKA test on animals. We love what Tashina is doing, go girl!


One of the original CF blogs we have been following for a couple of years now. My Beauty Bunny has a huge following and documents everything to do with living cruelty free. Reviews on cruelty free products, information about which brands are cruelty free, she even has a vegan section. Prepare to have you mind b l o w n.. She has a whole world of information for you to read through, she even her own range of CF products. 


Camila started this blog after a few years of being a vegetarian. She decided she would shop humanely also (horray!) and Humanely Chic was born. Camila offers lots of information on living a cruelty free lifestyle, with a main emphasis on beauty and beauty products. Cruelty Free lists and resources too!

Click here for a link to her CF Companies & resources list.


Of course, as our last blog post stated, we also love Veggie! A New Zealand blog showcasing all things vegetarian and vegan. This blog is more of an information hub, linking you to vegan/vegetarian restaurants, wines, reviews and recipe books. They also have a blog which has new and exciting recipes, interviews with celebrity vegans/vegetarians and reviews on different restaurants around NZ.



The Leaping bunny is kind of our go-to resource when starting to look into a brand or product and their cruelty free stance. Created by eight national (american) animal protection groups, they have set in place welfare standards and created the leaping bunny logo which is internationally recognised. Products with the leaping bunny logo are confirmed cruelty free - Woohoo! On this site, you can find a list of brands that do and do not test their products on animals. Most of which, have the been leaping bunny certified.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Of course we had to include PETA, one of the largest, most know entities of animal protection. We find this heart wrenching while educating ourselves about animal cruelty.. However, there is a lot of things you need to be aware of and understand when living a cruelty free lifestyle. PETA is all about living equally & humanely (vegan and cruelty free). They offer some super cute tips on animal care within their 'living' section as well as some hard to watch expose's on the cruelty that goes into our food, makeup, entertainment etc.


One of our favorite animal advocacy websites. SAFE is always on the go to stop cruelty to animals in all areas from meat, entertainment and of course, animal testing. They have campaigns running constantly and are helping the movement toward stopping cruelty to animals, so make sure you help their work and sign petitions, share their social networks and donate. These fine folks are influencing the government to change animal testing laws, and currently the NZ animal welfare act is up for review. Currently, we know of no companies that currently test their products on animals in NZ, but there are no laws against it. Have your say here.


We love this site. These beautiful people are rescuing Beagles from the torture of animal testing. Check out their site for some heart touching rescue stories. Unfortunately for us, they only adopt and foster out the animals in America as that is where they are based.. Otherwise we would probably have a house full of Beagles! Either way, this site offers you cruelty free information and resources on products that are tested on animals including products that are resold here in NZ and Australia. 


Bruce Heart is a compassionate fashion label based in LA. The two talented ladies behind this rad company, Elle Howard and Rylee Maver are avid animal lovers and live a vegan lifestyle. Bruce Heart not only offer awesome pieces, but they are a sustainable company using eco-friendly materials in their packaging and production. They also donate 5% of their sales to a different animal welfare organisation every month. How cool is that? If you love unique and savvy clothing, check out their site, we just purchased a couple of things and are uber excited to get wearing them!

Here's what we brought:

Bestie Pack / Leopard 

We would love to say a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all of these blogs and websites (and all of you other cruelty free sites). You keep us motivated and inspire us daily to keep fighting the good fight.


S + H

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