Tailor Skincare Mini Review

So as we celebrate the launch of Tailor Skincare Mini's arrival to the SLCF family, we thought we would do a 'mini' review and step by step guide on how to use each product we tried.

The mini's we chose to use were the Tailor Oil Cleanse, followed by the Tailor Dry Cleanse and then Tailor Moisture which was in the larger pot but does come in mini size. All Tailor products are made from natural ingredients, they are all vegan (with the exception of unrefined organic beeswax in the Tailor Lips), and of course Cruelty Free.

These mini products are literally just that. A travel sized mini bottle/tub/sachet of the popular standard sized Tailor products. Perfect if you have never tried a Dry or Oil cleanse and just want to see if the product is right for you (we can assure you, you will love these).

So I started the cleansing process after a long day at the office, with a face full of make up. 

With the Tailor Oil Cleanse Mini ready to go I popped approx. a full teaspoon of oil into my hand and gently rubbed it onto my dry face. One thing my mum always told me; "Make sure you touch your face gently, no pulling your eyes down, you'll get lines!". So I have always been conscious of putting cosmetics and skincare on my face gently. Anyway, after 'gently' rubbing the oil all over my face and neck, I then massaged over my eyelids (yes it's safe to use around the eye area) to take off my mascara. Make sure you focus on places with heavy makeup and spot prone areas.

To make it a sort of spa like treatment, I rinsed a flannel with hot water and placed it over my face for an oily steam facial. Mmmm , felt so good! Highly recommend you do this, weirdly relaxing.

I then just washed with warm water. Don't freak out if the oil is still sitting on your skin and hands, dab with a towel and follow with the Dry Cleanse.. 

Now onto the Tailor Dry Cleanse Mini. Haley and I were both debating how to use this. I (Sam) thought Dry Cleanse literally meant you put dry powder on your face. Not the case. Place approx 1/2 a teaspoon of the powder into one hand, and wet the other. Rub them together and gently rub into your face and neck again. Focusing on your T zone and blackhead prone areas. The water will evaporate quickly and leave a matte like finish on your face. Rinse off with warm water and Ta-da! cleansing process complete. The texture of the dry cleanse makes it feel like a softer exfoliation for your skin.

I then followed with the standard sized Tailor Moisture, which you can also get in mini form. This moisturiser has a beautiful fresh fragrance, I use it daily.

I absolutely loved this cleansing duo, they compliment each other so well and left my skin feeling soft, clean, refreshed and hydrated.

Let us know how you go if you decide to try these Tailor Minis out!


P.S. Sam's nail polish is in the colour 'True' by Sparitual.


S + H x

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