Our Cruelty Free Makeup Basics

Every girl or at least every girl we know has a makeup bag. Wether it be just that, a bag, a kit, a small purse or a large 10 pocket tote, there is always something close by that we can reach into and grab our daily makeup necessities.

Today we thought we would give you a glimpse into our own personal make up bags. Yes, we use many of the products we sell (of course, they are too amazing not to!) But we also love other cruelty free brands from around the globe. Our makeup bags are made up of only cruelty free cosmetics which we are very proud of. They are also all reasonably priced! These little bags contain our basics, stuff we use most days or if we just want something to touch up with. Products we love and can rely on.

Sams Basics

I have two separate make up bags. My cat bag which is my everyday make up look which I'm showing you here. I also have my large carry bag which houses all of my other makeup that I use for going out etc. (and don't worry, it's faux fabric).


theBalm Cheater Mascara (black)

Love this mascara. Stays put all day long. Lengthens my lashes. Simple, black mascara. Done.

SocailEyes Peek-A-Boo eyelashes

I love these vegan lashes. I am all about long beautiful eyelashes and because I was not fortunate enough (like Haley) to be born with long thick ones, I need lots of help. So I make sure I always carry around some lashes just in case the occasion arises. These have already been used a few times too! Peek-A-Boo are the half lashes that are more natural looking so even with minimal make up they look awesome. Check out how they look on me here.

theBalm Time Balm concealer in light/medium

If I could use only one product for the rest of my life. This would be it. Covers perfectly, and the light/medium is the perfect colour for my skin. I sometimes even just wear this and mascara.

Alexami Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Powder

I use this as a finishing powder foundation to even out my skin tone. It's super light and it's organic. So I'm happy to use this on my skin daily.

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer

My go to bronzer. I use a large powder brush to distribute this bronzer evenly over my face. I also contour a little, even with minimal make up. It's a matte formula so it looks natural for everyday wear.

theBalm Time Balm Foundation in light/medium

I use this if I need a little extra coverage or if I'm going out and about. Not something I'll wear every day but a definite must have just incase you're called into a last minute meeting.

Mini Tailor Skincare Moisture

I received this as a sample size and continue to refill it just for my basics makeup bag. I use this as my primer, it goes on before I put any makeup on or if I need to redo my makeup, I love how it's travel sized, perfect for my make up bag. It also has a super fresh scent that makes me feel rejuvenated even after working a 15 hour day.


Coconut Hurraw! Lip Balm

Of course, this is a must have in any make up bag/hand bag/bathroom/nightstand/jeans. I have HURRAW! Balm's all over my house because I love them so much. Coconut, vanilla, night treatment, sun protection and lime <3

Limelily Lipstick in Bare

This shade is closest to my natural lip colour so it works well with the 'natural/everyday look'. 

Limelily 4 hole palette which houses Pixie & Passion Lippies and Fariy Wings & Marshmallow Blush

I carry this around in this bag mainly for the blush. Fairy wings is a really subtle colour which I love. Also, if I need to quickly go out and turn my look into an 'evening look' I apply some of the more intense lip colours. I can also easily switch out for some shadows as these palettes are magnetic and so are the pans.


Haley's Basics

So, I don't actually have a 'basics' bag as such. I have a rather large carry case that comes with me when I'm travelling or staying away from home for the weekend. It fits everything. My everyday stuff literally floats. They float in my handbag, clutches and most of all my gym bag. I should really invest in something to store it in huh? As you can see my large travel case is pretty decent. A birthday gift and a great vintage find. Well done boyfriend.


theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

A really pigmented highlighter thats just the right colour. A champagne yellow. A little goes a long, long way with Mary-Lou! She even houses a mirror, so when the mirrors are all being used at the gym, this is ideal.

theBalm Time Balm Primer

It's like applying liquid velvet to your skin. I have never felt something so soft. It creates the most flawless base for any makeup. I don't use this every day, but it's handy to have with me as sometimes ill forget a face moisturiser if I'm at the gym and this can double up as a cream and primer.

LimeLily Cream Foundation in Warm Beige

I don't wear a full face of foundation on the regular. I use foundation to spot treat or to use on areas that I need it. This one is a cream formula so perfect for my dry skin. It's also awesome as it comes in the magnetic single palette so I can switch it out for a different shade in Summer or Winter.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

This bronzer is my all time favourite. I scooped her up on my travels last year and have been hooked ever since. Too faced are proudly Cruelty Free and this bronzer is extra cool as it uses cocoa and smells like chocolate. Yes. Chocolate. It's also matte which I prefer in a bronzer as it's more natural and is a deep brown colour, no orange undertones. A sweet product for a little bit of colour everyday.

theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer

Now. turning the notch up on bronzers, this one is up there. A deep, rich, dark matte bronzer that's awesome for when you need to amp up your colour or go for some contouring. Handy to have for after work on a Friday if I'm heading out for a bite. It's sleek and slim and a sweet size for your bag.

HURRAW! Balm in Chai Spice

A balm is something Ill always carry with me. I probably have 2 or 3 in each bag to be honest. These HURRAW! Balms are sleek and oval shaped so they stay put if in your back pocket. We even tested these guys out for a weekend, check that out here.

essence Mascara in Get BIG Lashes

Another Cruelty Free item I picked up overseas. At such a great price I thought I would give it a go. Aside from the brand, mascara would be one of, if not my ultimate makeup item. Using mascara can widen your eyes, make you look awake if you have had little or no sleep and it's just a cool product. Who doesn't want Bambi lashes? 

LUSH - Grease Lightning spot Treatment

I know it's not a makeup item but it's something I carry with me. I love LUSH as a company and respect what they do and the causes they fight for so I'm happy to purchase on a regular from LUSH. This spot treatment does the trick every time. This is the best stuff I have used. period. All natural, Vegan & 100% Cruelty Free!


So, there you have it. Now you know what we love to use! If you have any ultimate everyday basics you love. let us know in the comments below!


S + H


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