EcoTan Invisible Tan Review

As the first day of Winter is finally upon us, our Winter skin is out in full force and glowing like the snow itself. Boo.

I (Haley) love me some skin that looks like Iv'e been in the Maldives for a few weeks. Tanned and beautiful! Of course, it isn't fun when the sun decides to play the 'lets make you look like a lobster' game. So, whilst laying out under the mid day sun is delicious & satisfying, we have found a great alternative, a tanning cream that won't leave you tarnished with the name 'Lobby' or 'Beet face'. Sam is also a huge fan of the tan game...

I (Sam) am a tan-o-holic, there's something about having a tan that makes me feel so good. I don't know about you, but when I have a bronzed glow (fake or not) I feel more confident, I feel like I don't need as much makeup, and am super body confident. I also feel way better if I'm heading to the beach, or showing some skin. So any chance to bronze my limbs, I'm there..

Since we are becoming more aware of what we put on our skin, I think there is a definite need for more products that are not harmful to our bodies. Most of us watch what we put in our mouths, and here at SLCF we follow a clean eating lifestyle & I (Sam) pretty much just eat vegetables, so wouldn't you watch what you put on and into your skin too? Especially because within 10 minutes of putting something on your skin it is absorbed into the blood steam. Crazy huh? So, we needed a harmless, skin loving tan and we hit the jackpot with Eco Tan products. Not only are they really great to your skin, they are cruelty free and even accredited by 'Choose Cruelty Free'. Eco Tan products are also Vegan, woohoo!

EcoTan is an Australian company, and all products are created and manufactured there. Their products contain no hidden nasties, no synthetic ingredients, GMO's, parabens or toxic chemicals. That should have you sold right there. Eco Tan are the first and only tanning company to be certified by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian Government's organic and biodynamic standards. The colour in their tan is derived from Cacao, (chocolate), so the tanning products do not contain orange tones. Also something to note, Eco Tan products promise they won't stain your clothes and/or sheets. One to tell the boyfriend or girlfriend, no more coloured bedding!

Today Haley tested the Eco Tan Invisible Tan which is, what we like to call an 'overnight tan' or a developing tan, that will leave you glowing in one application.

As you can see, here is a pair of very pale looking pins, a perfect base to begin..

In the shower, start by exfoliating with the Eco Tan Exfoliant, a must have for a tan at it's finest. This scrubs off any dead skin and leaves a polished canvas ready for a long lasting tan. Ideal for scrubbing away old tan too.

After thoroughly drying off, wait a few minutes for your skin to cool. Applying your tan straight onto warm skin may cause the product to slide or rub away easily. Pop some Invisible Tan in your hands and rub the product all over your body. Circular motions tend to give you an even finish with no streaks.

Another handy hint, try not to concentrate too much on elbows, knees and feet. Too much product in these places will result in an uneven tan or colour build up as the skin tends to be dryer in these areas. Make sure you rub the cream all over your feet too, even pushing it right down and under your feet helps for an even tan. This tan is also safe to use on your face, so don't forget to rub it in evenly, just like a light moisturiser.

Change into some baggy clothes and the tan will begin to dry and develop. Fast forward 8 hours,  sheets and PJ's are still clean and skin is bronzed and glowing. 'Of course we just got back from the Maldives..'

The below image is one even coat. Of course shadowing and lighting can make some areas look lighter/darker than others.

Even the white sheets stayed white! 

If you want some delectable looking skin too, the lovely people from Eco Tan New Zealand have given us some Invisible Tan to give away! Click here for our Facebook giveaway, or here for our Instagram giveaway!


Much love,


S + H


June 05, 2014 by Sam Glasswell
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