Limelily Eyeshadow Swatches

We decided to stock up on all of our Limelily Cosmetic Eyeshadow pans for our own collections and wanted to show you how amazing they are with some swatches and a more detailed description of each shade.

Limelily Cosmetics are an Australian company who create cruelty free and vegan cosmetics. All of the shades we have hand picked. They also stock blush pans, lipstick pans and foundation pans. The amazing thing about these pans is that you can pop them in & out of the magnetic palettes, so you can customise at any time the items you want to carry around. These shadows also have great staying power and don't move or crease.

We started with the 6 brights in a 6 hole magnetic palette. Bright colours are my favourite, and I (Sam) would wear them every day if I could make them look 'natural' for my day to day makeup. 

Oh, if your wondering, the colour on my nails is Drop Dead Gorgeous by SpaRitual.

Liberty - Shimmery ocean blue. I can't quite find the words to describe this except - Shimmery, deep & pigmented.

Aquatic - A matte light bluey/green. Think sea mist.

Lime Zest - A matte green, this reminds us of a brighter Kermit the frog.

Lemon - This colour is a matte shade and reflects the inside colour of a lemon, bright but not neon.

Posie - A light purple matte shade. Think, lavender or lilac. 

Psychic - This is a shimmery orchid shade. Beautiful and dramatic.


If you want to find them on our site, check 'em out here


Then we created our neutrals palette with the remainder of the colours which fit (all but one) into the 12 hole palette.


Breeze - A light, dusty, matte pink with a subtle mauve tint.

Frost - Frosty white. This is shadow with loads of shimmer and with a frosty finish. Super pigmented.

Honey Water - A fan fave. A staple to any makeup collection. A light shimmery honey/champagne shadow. Perfect as a highlight shade.

Husk - A matte, slightly red toned brown. Perfect as a crease or brow colour.

Dragonfly - Duo-chrome shoadow. Another popular shade. With reddy-brown and mint green reflects. Amazing!

Goldmine - Every girl likes a bita gold right? A very pigmented shimmery gold.

Enchanted - A shimmery, coral pink. Could also be used as a blush!

Leather - Matte reddy brown. Perfect base colour for a brown smokey eye. Or a crease shade in conjunction with dragonfly.

Silver - Exactly that! This is a shimmy silver that is super pigmented. 

Havana - Dark matte brown. Reminds us of a dark bark colour. Awesome for a cut crease.

Buffalo - Sam & Haley's favourite. A shimmery deep reddy brown with a hint of purple.

Graphite - A lovely, light shimmer, dark grey. That's a mouthful. Combine with Silver and Charcoal for a metallic grey eye.

Charcoal - One of Sam's favs for a smokey eye. The darkest of the Limelily shadows. Almost black with a hint of shimmer.


You can also find these rad shades here


In the coming months we will create some looks using these shades and how you could wear them. A tutorial perhaps? Keep in the loop via our social network pages and/or sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of our home page)


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Until next week .


S + H 


May 29, 2014 by Sam Glasswell
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