Win A Cruelty Free Brow Shape + Tint with Loft Beauty Boutique

There is something about having a finely crafted, well groomed brow. Along with a good primer, it is the foundation for a well sculpted, flawless look. With fierce brows, you feel polished even without any makeup.

When visiting a spa or beauty salon don't be shy to ask your beauty therapist about the products they use, and if they're cruelty free and/or vegan, organic or natural, depending on your preference! In our experience they've all been very forthcoming.

So this week we went to visit the lovely Lisa at Loft Beauty Boutique in Mount Eden for some brow pampering. We let our unruly brows grow out for 5 weeks, so she had some work on her hands x 2.

As well as wanting immaculate brows it's also about the experience, like going for any spa day or pamper treatment you want to feel relaxed, comfortable and welcomed, which is exactly how we felt when visiting Lisa. The 'Loft' space was warm, inviting, sweet and smelt even sweeter! 

Haley's turn first and with dark blonde messy wee brows, Lisa had some work to do. With some careful precision, Lisa tinted and shaped the brows into something wonderful! Lisa used a hot wax to shape the brow and tweezed very carefully the smaller, finer hairs. Something to note, we absolutley did nothing to our brows after our Loft visit. No brow powder, no pencil, nothing. 

You can tell by the before and after what a difference Lisa made to Haley's brows. They look fuller and create a perfect frame for her eyes. Amazing!

My turn next. I have dark blonde short, thick brows so I was interested to see what she could do. With a tint and wax and a little bit of plucking, Lisa was able to elongate my eyebrows and bring them closer together whilst arching them in a way I didn't think possible. An eye lift without the surgery! 

My brows look completely transformed! I have shape, fullness and a wicked arch going on, Beauty!

As well as being very particular and precise with our brows, Lisa treated the surrounding skin with Tea tree oil to soothe and calm then applied a little mineral foundation to the reddened areas - which of course as you know can happen after a waxing treatment. We love the little extra touches. Perfect if your popping in for a lunchtime treatment and your heading back to work.

We asked Lisa to share some tips for you ladies (and men) to get the perfect brow at home..

  • Make sure to have your brows shaped by a professional first to at least give you a guide to follow with your brow products at home.
  • Allow your Brow Artist to show you how to fill them in and which products work best for the look you prefer. 

This image shows a few helpful ways to create the best looking brow.


And the best part..

We draw the winner next Thursday 29th May 2014 so make sure check out how to enter over on our Facebook page.

Much Love to Lisa for creating some pretty rad brows for us both!

S + H

May 22, 2014 by Sam Glasswell
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