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So > the best package turned up at our SLCF office this week. The amazing SocialEyes Lashes sent us their entire range to try out. We are huge eyelash fans here, especially Sam, who would wear them all the time if she could, so this was the best day of work E V E R!

Well, where do we start? For those who don't know, SocailEyes Lashes were created by Karissa Pukas and her brother Hayden. Karissa, A beauty/makeup guru originally from Canada & now calling Australia home is a massive hit on YouTube, trialling products, creating make up looks & generally being an all round rad gal! Haley + I (Sam) have been following Karissa for a while now so naturally we were excited when she launched her line of vegan eyelashes. Hand crafted from the highest quality human hair.

There are 16 types of lashes in the range, so something for everyone. We decided to put them to the real test and try all of them out. We kept a natural eye so you are able to see the entire lash. Luckily one of us (Haley) is an amazing photographer, so we were able to capture the actual lash in use. So here goes. (I apologise for my lazy eye which I didn't know I had until we did these close ups! Haha. It makes some of the lashes sit funny on the right eye)

 TIP: Let your glue dry for a few minutes before applying, way easier to put them on when the glue is tacky! Using tweezers to apply the band as close to your natural lashes as possible helps big time too.


1. Peek A Boo

This is a half lash with a clear band and perfect for beginners. Keeping it natural while emphasising the edges of your eyes with a bit of 'oomph'. Half lashes that I have tried in the past have been super hard to stick down as the band shape is different to my eye shape. These were easy to attach and actually stayed in place Finally! The left eye I put some mascara on so we could see the difference. The right eye has nothing.

2. Tease

Another half lash on a clear band, slightly thicker than the Peek a Boo. Again, easy to put on, and they stayed in place. 


3. Tease 2.0

The last of the half lashes on a clear band. With these babies, you will probably need to use some mascara if you have little blonde eyelashes like me otherwise half of your eye will be thick black lashes and the inner half will be blonde. They are thick, black and long. Go hard or go home right?! 


4. Wallflower

This is actually a lower lash, which we didn't realise at first. So it was the first full lash that we tried. They're also on a clear band, spaced out clusters of lashes that add volume to your natural lash. Perfect if you have sparse lashes as these will fit nicely into the gaps. These would be perfect for first time lash users as they are subtle yet sweet. If worn on the bottom lashes, this would give your eye a great dramatic look.


5. Enchanting

Full lash on a clear band. These lashes are long and slightly spaced out. These add length and a bit of volume to your natural lashes. If you love wearing lashes every day, these could be just the right amount of extra lash.


6. Poised

Poised are long lashes on a clear band. A little more spread out than most of the other lashes, adding lots of length. 


7. Dazzle

These lashes are long and also on a clear band. They have longer wispy ends (outer ends) to enhance and open your eye. These types of lashes are perfect for eyes like mine which slant downward. They pick my eye up and make it look more almond/cat like - Which I love! 


8. Minx

These lashes are a cross hatched style which give your lashes a unique lengthened and separated look.


9. Glamorous

After speaking to some friends about SocialEyes, I was super excited to try Glamorous as it was a crowd favourite. They're wispy and thicker at the outer ends giving you a very 'glamourous' look.


10. Ravishing

These thick black lashes caught my eye in the packet. I was excited to give them a whirl! They're very dramatic and have multi tiered lashes all in one. It's basically a shorter lash line with a long lash line placed on top. They have a black band which give the full eyeliner effect. Thick + perfect for those that love a dramatic eye look.


11. Vamp

Haley's favourite! These look so rad in the packet. Thicker on the outer edge of your eye, wispy hair, all on a clear band. These lashes make a subtle statement. They gave my eye a slight flick at the end, a naturally sexy and soft lash!


12. Delight

Can you say ahhhh-mazing! My (Sam) fave on my eyes. Thick and black at the outer edge of the eye, not super long, but enough to make a statement. They elongate my eye and lift at the same time. The perfect lash for a smokey eye.


13. Alluring

I was so excited to try this lash as it seemed to be a popular lash with SocialEyes customers. I thought these looked amazing! I think an almond shaped eye would make them look fantastic. Long but not too dramatic.


14. Flirt

Another favourite! Flirt looked natural and made my small eyes look amazing! They're a bit shorter than some of the other lashes in the range, but still long enough to widen your eyes and look put together.


15. Polished

Long, long, long lashes on a clear lash line. These are fairly thick, and almost the same length the entire lash. Tapers off very slightly in the inner part of the eye.


16. Irresistible

Not for the faint hearted! We thought we would end with what looked like the biggest/longest lashes in the line. And woah baby, these are long! I have quite a small gap between my eyelid and eyebrow so these lashes reached my brow pretty easily. They're also on a clear band. Not too thick, but super long. Maybe suited to a larger eye.


Our Top Picks






Karissa's Faves


Tease 2.0



Let us know what your favourite's are also. You may see them join the SLCF family very soon!


May 15, 2014 by Sam Glasswell
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