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We thought that we would give you a little more insight into our beauty & skincare likes and the things we do on a daily basis to prep and prime our skin, plus the odd random question too!

We sat down and asked each other 10 questions.. See the answers below;


Sam > Asking H

1. What's the one beauty tip your mum passed on to you that you still live by?

Skincare, skincare, skincare. Make sure to take great care of your skin. Mum was always happy to buy us good quality moisturiser, eye cream and cleansers. She loved Health store shopping, so anything natural and organic was recommended. 

2. When did you start using makeup?

Badly? Around 12. A little better, High school. These day's I don't tend to wear a lot of make up unless I have an occasion, but I do love it and own some really amazing products, experimenting with colours is awesome.

3. What's your skin type and what product's do you use?

I have dry-sensitive skin with the odd hormonal breakout. I use a few different products, depending on how my skin is. One I love is the Tailor Mist, so refreshing especially after the gym! I love the Tailor skincare Masque for those days when you just go 'ugh' to your skin. 

4. What's your skin colour and what colours/products do you use to compliment?

I have a slightly olive complexion (thanks mumma). I love earthy hues, any brown/ochre colours, red toned browns, olive greens & copper/purple colours. I have Hazel/green eyes and these colours make them pop. A good mauve or deep red/brown lipstick is a favourite too.

5. If you could have only one beauty item to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Moisturiser. A good, creamy face moisturiser makes all the difference!

6. Favourite SpaRitual nail lacquer colour?

Oh Lordy! Asking me to make a decision, especially based around colours is too much! I'd have to go with Poppy! The perfect red for my skin tone.

7. Your life motto (or a favourite quote)

I don't think I have one, or live by any particular motto. Life is what you make it I guess.

8. What's your favourite animal?

Again. this is too difficult. Zoe my family cat is def. number 1, Minty (although she's in kitty heaven) is another favourite and I would have to go with, bulldogs, Ducklings, baby chicks, lambs & Orangutans.  

9. What is your night time beauty regime?

I remove any make-up with a face cleanser and twice a week will exfoliate with a gentle scrub. Then I remove any left over dirt and makeup with a Lush Face mist and cotton pad. Then with Almond oil and a cotton pad I remove mascara or any eye make remover. I then apply an eye cream, a facial oil, night cream, and a spot treatment. Before I go to bed I apply either my Night Balm or Chai spice from HURRAW! 

10. Your next beauty purchase will be..

The Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm as it has just landed!


Haley > asking S

1. When did you start experimenting with makeup? 

Experimenting.. Good word haha. The first memory of makeup I have was a birthday gift. One of those little palette's  with the small lipsticks that stacked on top of each other and had a few lipstick/blush/eyeshadow creams. I must have been about 6! Have been hooked ever since! I really started getting into building my makeup collection and using makeup techniques when I was about 16 and started heading out into town etc.

2. What's one tip or bit of advice your Mumma passed onto you that you still live by?

I am very accident prone, and have been my entire life. So inevitably, I have had many scars and still have some to this day. When I was younger, Mum would make me use Vitamin E cream twice a day to help heal them. For the past 8 or so years I've used 100% rose hip oil and also rose hip moisturisers. She made sure I looked after my skin and replenished it after everything I would put it though. Thanks Mum!

3. What's your skin type? What products do you gravitate towards?

I have combination skin, so semi dry cheeks and an oily T zone. There are no particular products that I use specifically for my skin type, but I make sure I always carry blotting paper and face powder with me to keep flawless foundation all day long. I get a few spots from hormones or if I have eaten a bit too much sugar. I combat these with my Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser and the Tailor Skincare Masque which I pop onto each spot. I also suffer from psoriasis on my face which I am struggling to control at the moment. I'm trying every natural remedy I can find to keep it at bay so I'll keep you updated. Please let me know if you have any tips or tricks to help deal with it!

4. What's your colouring and favourite makeup choice to suit?

I have a bit of both. Yellow and pinky tones, blonde hair and brown eyes. I tend to use browns, golds and greens on my eyes. I go quite bold with lips using reds, dark purples, and light pinks. On my cheeks, I usually mix it up with different reds/pinks using theBalm's 'How 'bout them apples' I use this palette for my lips too. I mix the colours together sometimes to change up my look. My face colouring is light/medium with theBalm Foundation and Concealer. Finally I am a tan-o-holic so always using my EcoTan Invisible tan and Bahama Mama bronzer (currently in transit back to us) <3

5. 1 beauty item for the rest of your life. Go.

Ah so hard.. I would have to say concealer. I'm currently in love with my timeBalm Concealer in light/medium. I wear it with jus a dab of lip gloss and some Cheater Mascara if I don't have anywhere fancy to go to.

6. Favourite Limelily eyeshadow..

Another hard choice! They are all so amazing > Can I pick two? I'm going to anyway.. For a natural/smokey look I love Husk. It's a nice light shimmer brown. But my all time favourite colour is yellow so I try and incorporate it everywhere, including my makeup. So Lemon is my other fav! Go hard or go home right?

7. What's your favourite animal?

What's with all of the hard Q's?! At home I have two cats, two cockatiels, and six chickens and I love them all, I can't pick one. I also love alpacas, frogs, sloths and I think cotton top tamarin's are the cutest things in the world!

8. Your next beauty purchase will be?

I'm in dire need of some new makeup brushes. I'm also slowly collecting the entire Limelily eyeshadow range, so I will be purchasing some more pans and palettes soon.

9. What's your morning beauty regime?

Brush teeth, wash face with water, then apply my Sukin Rose Hip daily moisturiser. I then use my EcoTan Deodorant which I am in L O V E with! First organic, natural deodorant that actually works. It has taken me so long to find one, I was using a lime (yes an actual lime) for about 6 months beforehand, because there was just nothing cruelty free that actually worked until I found this! 

10. Scenario: Your engagement party. Whats your makeup look?

Hrmmm.. Haven't thought this one through. Depends what outfit I end up wearing. Ideally, I'm thinking, bold lips with a subtle/natural smokey eye and some big lashes. That's kind of my go-to! Could be a blog post.. ?

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