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So you've purchased some of our beautiful cruelty free products and want something a wee bit unique to accompany them for your weekly pamper treatment? We have put together some everyday ingredients from our pantry to create these gems which we think you should try.. Cause we all know that DIY is on the cards when pay day was spent on new shoes...


We recommend using a body polish one a week to clean and replenish. It's super important to remove the top layer of skin especially if using a self-tanning cream, that way your less likely to have patches or streaky spots. This body polish will leave you feeling (and smelling) heavenly & you may just want to eat it. Natural moisturising properties of coconut oil along with the sweet vanilla scent will make you smell like a donut - ahh yes please! Plus - raw brown sugar to scrub off that week old tan. Silky smooth skin coming right up! 

This recipe makes enough for your whole body, alternatively if you do have leftovers you can store this in a jar in your fridge for a nice cold polish or in the cupboard for weekly use.

Sam's nail lacquer is by Sparitual > the colour is 'True'


1/4 C Organic cold pressed coconut oil (liquid form)

4T Brown sugar

1t Pure organic vanilla bean extract


1. Combine all of your ingredients in a small bowl. Make sure the coconut oil is in it's liquid state. The coconut oil will sit at the top of the mixture which is okay.

2. Either wait until the coconut oil solidifies slightly or pop in the freezer for 10 mins until you are able to mix the ingredients properly.

3. Mix it all up again so it becomes a thick paste like texture.


4. Try not to eat any.. We did (oops!)

5. Hop in the shower, (as this stuff can get a little messy) and rub the mixture on in circular motions all over the body. Make sure you scrub well to remove any dead skin cells and dirt (or old tan!) Ta-da, magical, baby soft skin!


6. Using your Sukin Botanical Body Wash, clean the polish off. It will be easier to remove if you rub in the wash before adding water.

7. Your skin should feel super smooth. Perfectly prepped pins & skin for you Eco Tan Winter Tan. I (Sam) applied a small amount to moisturise and to give me a subtle summer glow.



We also recommend a face treatment once a week. The skin on your face is super delicate and needs some TLC after all of the washing, exfoliating, makeup applying & removing & general everyday exposure to the elements. This Face paste is a sure fire hit!

Don't be put off by this bright yellow spice! Turmeric has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties making this paste a must try for those struggling with impurities. It also speeds up the healing of any damaged skin. Beautiful scented Rose Water backs up the benefits of our yellow friend. It also acts as an anti inflammatory and helps repair damaged skin cells. We found our Rose Water at Farro Fresh, most speciality supermarkets will stock this in the baking section. This face paste should leave your delicate skin feeling soothed & refreshed and will help keep those impurities at bay. 

This recipe makes enough for one application. 


1.5Tbs Rose Water

1Tbs Turmeric


1. Combine your Turmeric & Rose water in a small dish.

2. Cleanse your face using our Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser to remove any makeup or dirt. You will just need a little, just to prep your skin for the face paste.

3. Apply the mixture using your hands or a makeup brush (such as a foundation brush). Leaving the eye area bare.

4. Leave on your skin for 10 minutes.

5. Rinse off using our Sukin cleanser, this stuff removes makeup, dirt, grease and feels soft and gentle.

6. Haley then applied her Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser for sensitive or dry skin.

Yay for clean, happy & refreshed skin! If you try our DIY recipes - let us know, tag us in your creations via our social media pages:

Happy Creating


S + H


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